I just want fun, fairly balanced games

I know. It is a pipe dream.

I’m in gold/plat, yes I suck, so I just want fun, close, well balanced games.

But with the genji buffs, and the large number of people now abusing him (quite often if you play in groups it is a smurf boosting people/friends) the game is has become almost unplayable.

I know the game is balanced too down, for the best players, and I’m fine with that. But even they are saying its too much and getting really boring already.

I know this ramble is pointless. They don’t read EU servers, and most of the people replying are the same trolls who mock people for “moaning”. But if the core of player base is in trash tiers… balance and smurfs are a huge thing that needs careful work.

I know of many people who were new to the game but quit quickly because of smurfs. So it is definitely something they have to consider. New players are key to Activisions money making schemes.