I lose control over my hero

While playing, it happens that my character performs the last action I did for a longer period of time without my control. I don’t lose control completely, but it feels like a magnet that forces me to do this action.

It seems like I lose the connection to the server. Because when I look at the replay of a scenario (where it happens), the hero is running and looking in one direction and shooting continuously. While this was happening in real life, I was actually looking around and trying to run somewhere else or “steer” against it, but I was forced to run in one direction like a magnet.
The weird thing is that everything around behaves completely normal but not me.
I have good and stable internet and I have been playing Overwatch with this PC for a while. But the problem has appeared only recently.

I hope you can help me with my problem and thanks in advance

might enable "display performance stats " to see if there is sudden latency or something else happening on your end .
after enabling “Display Performance Stats”, open the “Advanced Performance Stats” section below and make sure that “Show Network Latency” is enabled.

In addition to displaying ping, the section also has options for “Framerate”, “GPU Temperature”, “VRAM Usage”, and “Network Interpolation Delay

Hello Raven,

From your description it does sound like a connection issue. Daisyflower has some good suggestions already and you can also find more info about this and connection troubleshooting steps if needed here:

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