I went 5-0 and got only 1 div up

I am currently m4. I had beforehand a 5-0 placement and went from m5 to m4. Is that normal? I was stomping enemy teams and from those placements i only ranked up one division

I even could send a screenshot if possible

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It’s normal to only go up one division when you’re that high up.

In lower ranks it’s more likely to skip several divisions when ranking up but it doesn’t happen with everyone nor every time.

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i wish this was true. but i just played like 30/34 matches and every time i reached 5 wins and 3 losses or higher. i get no promotion/demotion.

gold rank 2 here btw.

I said more likely, not guaranteed.

This season has been super weird with ranks anyway as several people say they only rank down despite getting no losses per 5 wins.
I haven’t even tried comp this season with all the complaints flying around (gold 1 here)

But i skipped straight from silver 4 or 3 to gold 3 in last season.

i think sometimes blizzard should take responsibillity for their actions. this for example costs the average overwatch player way too much time to make even the slightest progress in comp on low tier level. what makes me more upset about this part would be the lack of information that has been given about this seasons change. it is now more difficult.

i would be less upset about this if we had more challenges along the way when playing competitive giving people more titles, skins, icons, etc. now its like completely deadpan and the only thing you should look forward is something that is not even happening.

playing 30/34 matches to only stay on gold 2 with no demotion or promotion is just really frustrating.

Why should they take responsibility for YOUR decisions.

you decided to play
You decided to keep playing
You decided rank was important for some reason.

They aren’t responsible for you. Stop trying to deflect from the mistakes you make.

Peoples request for SR value to be returned has recently popped up in news articles, so maybe they’ll return what we used to have in OW1. It’ll at least provide game by game clarity rather than what we had initially on OW2, and what we have now in OW2.

There would be no difference between me and a gambler using a slotmachine if i didnt knew my chances of success were present or not.

And even if i knew. Shouldn’t we atleast have a chance? I think that has always been the case no matter what kind of game we are playing.

Good. I think the SR rating was a better system that doesn’t keep skipping at each adjustment.

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The system now is literally that, displayed different.

The actually system hasn’t changed.

the mmr would adjusts per 5 wins or 15 losses. if you actually want an better oversight on how much points you need to collect then this would be the better way imo.

i completely agree with you on this part. my honest take on this season would be that i think it is more difficult to improve your mmr despite winning way more than you would lose.

they did however say in the matchmaking thread that they are willing to improve in the future.

Why are you licking blizzards *ss in every one of your posts? So many people and youtubers complain about the ranking system and you just protecting it for what reason?

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Lol where I’m I doing that?

The games garbage atm, and the people that play it are run sponges who just complain about what hero you play. The matchmaker and ranking has never been the issue, the vocal minority just like to shout more.

Your MMR adjusts with every game.

You only see your shiny badge potentially change after a set number of games.

This is what wetwipe is really trying to say:

he doesn’t play overwatch 2 anymore and just only harrases people on the forum to make himself feel better.


I play. I just haven’t for a couple of weeks because people suck the fun out of the game atm.

Thanks for officially trolling by changing what someone’s said to totally incorrect information.

Everyone knows your MMR adjusts with every match. They’ve explained this before.

Discussion isn’t harassment. What you just did is.

Don’t worry, I won 5 in a row and stayed GM2 :slight_smile:

Too true, his other account got banned from using the forums, and also banned from actually playing OW.

None of this is actually true though.

Unless you know something I don’t lol.

Please refrain from spreading lies about people. It’s not a good look.

I’ll say what I want.
I don’t care what you consider is a “good look”.

I went 5-0 and stayed the same. I don’t even know how on earth it’s impossible but I stayed gm2. Feels like the game is rigged.