Icon It came to my attention

so it came to my attention that you have so many countries flag icons but NOT Pakistan i mean you have INDIA which is a neighboring country of Pakistan but not Pakistan is blizzard not seeing Pakistan as a whole or just avoiding it… i mean Pakistan, is a famous Country and is a Part of Esport with other Games I mean for being a Diverse game and I love overwatch not even going to question that but I would like to question and ask why no Pakistan Flag Icon.

It is all to do with licencing. Many flags are missing.

Isn’t it also related to the origin of heroes? India is cause Sym, we don’t have a pakistani hero yet so no flag for that country.

I think that’s possibly just a coincidence, but you never know.

I just know on other games it’s all down to licencing agreements.

I remember it used to be like that in the start but then they added more flags during summer games and it’s most likely as you say, licensing issues.

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