If given rank is based on stats, we have got a problem

I played my five games as damage, but I played them over like 2-3 nights, so I didn’t really keep track of how many I played. But suddenly, after a win tonight, I got handed the rank Bronze 4, and went; “WTF?!”

So I started looking at game reports, and quickly realised that the stats are completely wrong in several games.
In one game of Oasis (a win), the stats say:
2 Eliminations
0 Assists
1 Deaths
473 damage
Now that is obviously not correct since I played an entire game of Oasis, and won it.

When I check other games as support and tank, I even see games where I won, but where I have 0 (zero) stats.
And if you check “Teams” stats, half of the players have 0 (zero) stats and the rest got pitiful numbers, in basically every game.

Now, if the ranking system is entirely or partially based on these stats, we clearly have an issue and a reason that makes sense to why i got bronze 4 when winning all games.

The game reports and profiles are bugged. I wouldn’t be worrying.

I know the profile fixes when you play 1 game of open queue. Not sure if that applies to the stats in reports too.