Increase avoid list


People are abusing the report system to try get people banned so they don’t have to play with them. Since Blizzard clearly don’t read reports, or review any evidence for in-game actions to be reverted, it’s against Blizzard’s interests of banning all of their players because of pettiness.

Please increase the avoid list to at least 50. If players have the options to avoid more and more players, they’d do that instead of sending in reports for players playing badly or not playing heroes they choose (which end up getting banned anyway).
I don’t think people particularly care about waiting an extra 2-3 minutes longer for a match (since as you climb that happens anyway)… so increasing the avoid list is better for everyone.


People stop playing after about 2 hours and the chances you will be put with players you played with after that time period is very minimal. If you want to avoid someone just remove the oldest person from the avoid list.


…that’s not what everyone does. You can’t just assume everyone stops playing after 2 hours and think there’s no solution required to those that do play longer. I often regularly play far longer than 2 hours at a time. Heck, most of my streams are longer than that…

I’ve actually just received an account suspension for “Abusive chat”, not for what I’d ever call something as “Abusive”, but disagreements in how to play Competitive CTF. I have however been actually abused in three or four games for my accent, my intelligence or even my sexual-orientation as some homophobic players might jump to the wrong conclusion on.
I avoid people as often as I can to avoid further conflict, but I can’t avoid enough people in limited playlists… so over the last few days, I’ve obviously amassed enough “Gameplay Sabotage / Abusive Chat” false reports by people that aren’t mature enough to have a discussion about anything.

Likewise, if I leave voice chat and text chat (something I’ve done previously to avoid account suspensions) I then get account suspensions for “Gameplay sabotage” so I’m f’d if I do, and f’d if I don’t…


I’ll avoid you if you wanna avoid me :rofl::+1:


I’m suspended, so I’ll be automatically avoiding everyone for the foreseeable future until Blizzard fix the reporting system. Being suspended for 7 (technically 9 as I hadn’t even played for 2 days when the suspension triggered) days due to “abusive chat” which is actually just “I disagree with your opinion, and you’re being toxic as hell to me, so I’ve told you to be quiet and muted you… and you’ve raged even further and filed reports against me for being abusive”… it kind of underlines a huge issue with the report system where Blizzard don’t actually look into any of the reports, they just assume they’re true.


Just use neutral words you don’t need insults to tell some one he’s wrong.


Tried that already… I still get suspended or banned for multiple reports… and when I appeal, Blizzard trawls through all my games to find the one instance where I’ve actually called someone a “moron” or something as such, and say the ban is warranted.