Increase in throwers and smurfs

I don’t know if it’s just me or has there been a really big increase in throwers and smurfs. I don’t really care about my rank, but it really isn’t fun playing against smurfs and having throwers in my team.
Not gonna lie, I am on the absolute verge of stopping playing Overwatch.
Devs please do something

I’ve not seen an increase.

Don’t see many of either really.

Like maybe 1 actual smurf in about 100 games this week.

And no one actively throwing. People playing badly, and picking weird things. But that’s fine, it happens.

Ok so only me… I sure do love plat

I’m in plat too.

There isn’t as many of those you describe as you’d imagine.

Just when one does appear it sticks in your mind a lot more than all the totally normal boring games.

Then youre just lucky.
Im not saying theyre in every single game, they just are annoying when they appear in like every fourth or fifth game.
You denying the fact does not help btw

Agree they can be really annoying.

I’ve just zoned out from those external factors. I can’t control what others are doing. And i will just report someone throwing when I see it, and move on.

Luckily, throwing isn’t that common. A lot of times when people have said someone’s throwing in game, I’ve watched it back and they weren’t. Yeah they made some really dumb choices, and maybe we’re just having a bad game. But not throwing.

Not sure if the enemy dps are smurfs or just good low levels.
First round goes by and someone says “we arent getting enough heals” and this MO7 dude decides to hard throw the rest of the game.
after a while we just gave up.
actual dead game

Their DPS are nothing more than normal players, their positioning is the give away. And when on soldier he pretty much stands still to shoot.

Your team’s healing isn’t an issue as such. Although Lucio Ana isn’t the best duo, it could be a lot worse.

The big issue is then playing ball dva tracer… In a perfect world you’d of swapped to Brig and held your Ana’s hand.

Ok. He swapped to Moira… Moira lucio with the rest of your comp is brave lol.

He was doing ok ish on Zen till he got called out (Zen was actually the right play with the ball dva…) But yeah he reacted childishly to being called out.

He should get a slap for that, but the lesson to learn here. People shouldnt cry about “no healing” when healing wasn’t the issue. Utility was.

The only issue was the last 2 minutes when he gave up. But it sounds like others were mentally bust before that.

(If it was a dead game, you wouldn’t be getting matches)

I agree that Lucio wasn’t the best pick, but I basically play only Lucio.
I don’t know why he switched to moira or zen. Kinda annoying but whatever.
Been plateauing around 2800-3100 for the past year or so. Guess Im officially a hardstuck

Well, you cant worry about what others pick if you’re essentially one tricking. And one tricking a hero who isn’t in the best place on this patch.

I would take heed of what Super said the other day. If you are actually diamond skill, you’ll be carrying enough games in gold to keep moving.

We all have our skill ceiling. And it takes constant practice and adjustment to move that ceiling.

Greetings @akuma , I won’t lie you,but I haven’t seen smurfs for a long time,even if I see it , its only one-two games,sometimes I won those game,sometimes they won,it’s depend on your mod,your team play and team work.If u face with alot smurfs,I would reccomand you play as party full stacks.Best of the luck in the future.

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I do play other heroes lmao. Besides, him playing zen wasn’t the biggest problem, the fact that he was hard throwing was the problem.
Im not gold wtf are you talking about

its the expectation bias from reading these forums I guess.

When every second thread is a smurf whine, you at some point start to see them in all of your matches.

I’m not talking about your rank. Just directly quoting what he said. You can extrapolate for by your own ranks and perceived ability.

He was hard throwing. For the last minute or so 2. But the game was lost before that when people got tilted over picks.

It is a less in not tilted. And he needs to grow up.

Smurfs are definitely bad, but we can’t go around calling anyone better than us a smurf - I’ve recently switched to PC from a console and none of my level progress has carried over, meaning I’m a low level yet retain the skills I’ve already gained. Unfortunately, some people might look at me play and go “Oh damn, you’re a smurf! I’m going to report you.”. Suddenly, I’ve been banned for simply moving to a new platform.

Although, the smurfs that bring along a bad environment (being rude in chat, throwing games when they have the ability to do otherwise, etc) are definitely the bad ones. They are the ones I’d report for toxicity.

Just my opinion on the matter.

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If you are just leveling and playing the game to win and climb. You are not a smurf.

I do feel sorry for people who report players like that. They are clearly having a bad time in game and can’t handle being beaten.

True smurfing happens, but isn’t anywhere near as common. In fact it is surprisingly rare.

Most people accused are on new accounts that are maybe a rank lower, because they haven’t played enough games to grind their way through.