Input lag : mouse / keyboard lagging


I’m facing a problem in Overwatch for years : the input lag, there is a delay between my actions on keyboard / mouse and what I see on the screen.

Playing on Windows 10 and this is the only game with that kind of problem, what I’ve already tried :

  • Disable game mode in Windows
  • Disable Realtek Audio (reputed for causing input lag in games)
  • Playing on low graphics and lower resolution
  • Enable « True Fullscreen » in Windows Registry
  • Disable all optional apps (at startup and running) on Windows
  • Disable Vsync
  • Use another mouth / keyboard / monitor / video cables / another USB ports

I want to precise that my PC is clean (hardware / softwares) and works like a charm (even before those optimizations)

After following multiple tutorials to optimize Windows for gaming, I still feel like my aim and movements are struggling and not smooth in Overwatch compared to other online games I’m playing on (Battlefield 3 / Battlefield 1 / CS:GO / Ark).

My specs :

  • 500GB SSD
  • i5-4460 3.2GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Radeon RX Vega 64 8Gb
  • Monitor : Asus 24" Full HD 1ms 60Hz (High speed HDMI connection)

I feel a bit desperate after all I tried and not see concrete results, I hope there is a solution :grinning:

Thanks in advance for your support.

Have a nice day :v:


Please try the following:

Make sure you’re launching the game from the Battlenet application and not anything else.

Close all other programs, and especially ensure anything with an in-game overlay has the overlay turned off (e.g. Discord.)

Remove any animated desktops.

If the issue persists, try capping your frame rate in-game to 1 frame less than your monitor’s max frames (so 59 for you.)


I have no overlay enabled, my desktop is basic (no slideshow or animations).

I tried to cap the frame rate from 300 to 59 and it’s even worse.

When I’m controlling the simulation delay in-game (CTRL+SHIFT+N) the number on the right varies between 15 & 45+ but it’s never constant.

Something is wrong with the Net code of this game I believe because on other online games my inputs responds perfectly.

Maybe it’s my hardware that bottleneck somewhere, maybe the CPU because Overwatch is the only game that reclaim that much ressources on CPU (not very much code optimized I believe)

I hope this issue will be corrected at least for Overwatch 2.