Insane frame drops season 11

What is happening with these updates, patch notes look great and all very good hero changes etc. But I have amd ryzen 5 3600 and amd radeon rx 6800 and I’ve been having major frame drops since updated season 11 which makes the game almost unplayable.


They don’t give a damn because whole playerbase isn’t having the same issue even tho many people do they will leave the game as it is after fixing ps5 because not enough pc players are having the issue so they still make a good buck gg

Also having this issue.

Ever since the start of season 6 I have to wait up to 10 minutes sitting in the practice range for my frames to go from under 20 to 240 every time I start up the game. I believe it’s from the shaders or something compiling using my GPU space.

Now in season 11, I get random sudden drops in game, going from 240 to 60 very briefly, screwing up whatever I’m doing.

Really hope they solve this. For reference, I have an AMD RX 5700 GPU.

Same here and I have amd aswell
Ow and amd don’t seem to work well together wish they would fix this

But since it seems it’s only with amd users unlike every ps5 I doubt they’ll do anything about it

I have the same issue also I tried to inform the support about this problem and they fr dont give a damn:
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This is what they wrote.