Is it just me or…?

Do the games seem incredibly one-sided when you only need your final two or so wins (outta the seven)?

This keeps happening to me: I’ll get my rank (I’m a support main, currently in Plat), then play five games, all wins… Happy days. Then go on a ‘losing streak’ with just two more wins needed. And it’s not even that the games are close… Completely rolled. Nil game sense from the team; no idea what ‘cover’ is; don’t get ANY picks; soft countered, don’t care… You get the idea…

Pattern just keeps happening :woman_shrugging:

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Yes and no…

It all depends, if you get a bunch of people who haven’t adapted on one side, it can get a little one-sided.

They are no less skilled, they are just still mentally playing ow1.


‘Still mentally playing Overwatch 1’ - that’s a great point man. Cheers for your answer :+1:

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For me this was the same in OW1 when I was nearing a new rank.

It is a problem in all ranks. We don’t adjust very quickly.

We all suffer from confirmation bias, and when something works it gets locked in our little heads that it is the right thing to do.

Add in the game changing how you need to play… Some people were always going to suffer.

No worries.

‘Hail to the King’ of Overwatch and you shall climb!

(or something).