Is it time for Overwatch 2?


Perhaps it’s time for Blizz to think about a more substantial update. New features, new game modes, new systems. A sequel would probably bring most of the departing players back. And it would give Blizz some much needed cash.

Do you think it’s time for a sequel?

If so, what would you like to see?

What do you hope they change?


I want emily as a playable hero.
And special interactions with her and tracer.

A new game engine on a unreal4 level of details.
Or the same since I love it.

But I don’t think that there will be a sequel, especially not yet when OWL S2 is already this week starting.


Overwatch 2 would take way more time then fixing overwatch so no, way to soon.


Some horrible financial advice here.


In an interview with someone(can’t recall his name) they talked about the future of overwatch, and he compared it to the Warcraft series and that Overwatch was Warcraft (1) Orcs and Humans. So I would hope “Overwatch (2) Defenders of a shattered world” would be comming out soon.


I’ll pay to play vanila overwatch agian but not for overwarch 2 or overwatch mobile.


I think PVE and/or a story mode would be cool.

I’d like to see a loadout system like the one in Ballistic Overkill. Give us a selection of weapons and abilities.

And, as a Sombra main, I’d like it if Capture the Flag was always available. (The tears of the defeated give me strength)


I think they should just stop with all the absolute rubbish currently and listen. Fix Overwatch first and when people realise that blizzard have diverted attention to the actual problems, players will start joining back. If the player base improves even just a bit and overwatch saved from ultimate doom, then they can think about a sequel (or just adding what everyone wants in to the new improved overwatch)

  1. They need to consider all levels. Blizzard have buffed reaper, just to make him get picked slightly more at GM level. This has wrecked everyone below masters as he wreaks havoc. Other buffs have also follows this principle, maybe even find a way to edit character abilities in certain ranks and have them different in others (probably unrealistic I dont really know)

  2. LISTEN… Everyone on the EU forums at least wants change and EVERY thread is talking about it but still no change is happening. Listen to what’s left of the dying fans

  3. Quicker! Invest money into the developers pleeaassee so they can in the long term make more money out of the game. Make more items available for purchase if necessary to make more money (but not pay to win), so long as updates come often. They should not still be working on more maps - they should be fixing every broken hero, adding new heroes and advertising the improved game

  4. When it’s fixed, update! I really would like a story mode, and small stuff like more arcade games and being able to enter the practise range while queuing for a game.

  1. You need to have a base to balance around. Saying that they need to consider all levels is insane. There is no way every hero will be balanced for every level of play. Wrecking havoc below masters was already disproven. He is fine in both diamond and platinum.

  2. just because you want something changed doesn’t mean your idea is any good or that thing even needs to be changed. I really wish single people stopped thinking they are so important that a huge company needs to look at their suggestions and pay attention.

  3. Doesn’t even make sense. First you say they need to invest into more items then you say they should stop making maps and balance the game. Which one do you want? See why looking at individual suggestions from random people can range from pointless to painful?

No comment on 4. just like to say that currently there are so many arcade games a whole month can pass before your favorite one shows up.


i don’t see how my opinions counter eachother. Second, Your just as non important as i am on these forums (even though you basically live on here) so stop acting self obsessed, third i’m not expecting blizzard to listen to me or anyone AT ALL, i’m just fantasising about what could happen. I gave up them ever listening a long time ago


There is a difference between adding new content and balancing the current one. A fundamental difference.

When I am expressing opinion I don’t pretend to teach the company how to do things.

Fantasizing is the right word, its some random things thrown together.


This game is unbalanced as hell, lacks key features, doesn’t even have a proper competitive mode… so no, in summary I don’t think that we need a sequel. Once they’ve learned from their mistakes with one game, then they can move onto another.


Overwatch 2?

people already knows how Blizzard is dealing with the game.
Listen to community = no
Hotfixes = no
Make a better que system = no
Fix comp = no

People cant choose their game mode unless you join random usually supercustomized servers.

So ye overwatch 2 if it ever releases I think that it’s impossible to reach the same shine Overwatch HAD when it was new.

And even if Overwatch 2 would come out and the things would be fixed in the game ppl have already gotten a good dose of dissapointment in this one so it wont attract them back.


tbh most feedback gets no likes or anything by community so feedback gains little visibility or feedback just gets flagged and removed so it go’s on deaf ears.
things really need to change or overwatch will go downhill further and you can see same trend in other games, we all want a good game experience not a bad game experience, however the bad game experience is more dominant then it should be, and its bad because of toxicity hatred etc running rampant many of these things could be fixed if they simply just listenend to feedback nerfing everything buffing everything is not the only way to fix the overwatch experience, role queue role based sr and mmr system, adding replay system as foundation for better report system, adding better rewards.

Having MMR not locked for quickplay or teaching players before competitive to not leave games, by for example instead of penalyzing players just allow them to leave as many times they want, but instead a cooldown for the match duration is triggered if the match is 10 minutes long you cant rejoin queue for 10 mins no ban no penalty just cooldown, sooner or later players only leave if they can’t avoid it, while first notification on comp queue should be to never leave a comp game and reserve least the time you need to finish the match.

And there problably even more things they could do but so far feels like everything falls on deaf ears, it feels like you have to nag constantly just to gain visibility, eventually players grow tired of nagging and move to another game, no one should quit the game for the day and feel angry or depressed.

The overwatch experience is broken and overwatch 2 won’t fix it.


Ok, I understand where most of this consumer frustration is coming from, but it is very off topic. This thread is intended to be a sort of wish list for a potential sequel.


Its pointless to share feedback if you have no visibility due no one caring, then 1 year later everyone complains there lack of improvements at matchmaking etc what not.


Perhaps Overwatch 2 could have an improved feedback system. To be blunt, baybe this many people complaining at the same time -most of it by sore losers mind you- has made it difficult for the devs to sort valid and helpful criticism from the chaff.


much needed cash lololol multi million pound company announcing one of their best ever years for profit so far . check facts first .


Just out of curiosity: Is there anything, litterally anything Blizz could do that you people aren’t going to use as an excuse to whine? At this point I’m starting to think you’re the sort of people who derive enjoyment from complaining. And if that’s the case maybe Blizz is ignoring your complaints because they know there’s nothing they can do that isn’t going to get a pile of salt. Basically, you have chosen to perform a set of actions, and as a result of your own choices and actions you are irrelevant to any conversation. You are not worth listening to because of the person you choose to be. So why don’t you all just save the servers some memory and the rest of us some time by shutting up until you have something constructive to say? Assuming you ever do.


Its already in the timeline, and would be the only reason we don’t get anything useful, except new hero’s, while they don’t expect (in there world) people specialize in them (onetrick) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: