Is Ranked broken?

I was in Master Div 5 roughly 50% higher than others into the division.
I won 5 and lost 5 of my games, I was then placed into Diamond 1 - 67 higher than others in the division.

How the hell can the SR be that different from the 5 wins/5 losses?

I’ve raised it on the technical forums for now, but no doubt this is another reason why they have chosen to hide the SR value to cover up these sort of defects.

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Whilst it looks a bit wacky, it is in all probability acute.

Run with me for a second…

Say you start at 3550 SR. (50% in to M5), but your MMR is actually lower.

Every win, you’ll gain less than 25, when you lose you’ll lose more than 25.

So say for every win you were getting 18sr, but every loss you drop 30sr. This would mean after a 5-5 record you’ve be at 3490 SR. Or high up in diamond 1. (Obviously rough numbers, but I hope you get the gist)

There’s a good chance the “issue” is just clarity rather than a problem (in fact it’s almost certainly the case). If it was just displayed as a number again you wouldn’t bat an eyelid at it. (The % higher than as a compromise is a terrible addition)

If that is the case, it just shows how shoddy the matchmaking has become. To drop an entire division (going by the % value of the division also) is very very odd for when I win/lose 5 games. I mays well of lost all 10 games which would of probably got me the same outcome.

I’ll wait and see if Blizzard actually review the technical post. Going by how current posts are being treated, I’ll see nothing. Hopefully other users report the same issue.

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I’m not sure the link with match making, I certainly made no reference to it. Everyone in your lobby was likely in the same boat.

Purely on an individual basis, it is very possibly that going 5-5 is that reason you dropped, and at the rank you were, you need to go positive to sustain/increase it.

They won’t, it’s not technical. Other than a mistake to change from showing SR to displaying as a division.

Doesn’t sound right to me that you drop an entire division for drawing.

You don’t know this. If it is a mistake, they can hopefully to a rank reset to fix players SR/divisions assigned. I’ll wait and see what they come back with/other people raise.

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If you put in an ultra simplistic way like that, then no it looks a bit silly.

But as I showed above, it’s totally reasonable depending on rank compared to your MMR.

If your MMR was higher than your rank, you’d of climbed with the same results.

Years of experience suggests I’ll be right and they’ll never even acknowledge your post. Sadly.

Ranked is definitely broken. The teams I’ve been matched with have been complete opposites to the teams I’ve been in. Shambolic DPS and heals on some occasions. MMR has been broken for a long time now and doesn’t seem to get any better.

Care to share some score boards and or replays of these games?

Curious to see how the comps match up, rather than perceived match making problems.

Also, why just your team bad, surely you should also be against bad teams occasionally too if that was true?

Not just my team. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite. Either way, the teams were completely unbalanced to begin with in all of those games.

That’s fair enough (sometimes people seem to conveniently only claim it’s one way…)

But still, care to share screen shots of the score boards or reply codes??

(Have they added scoreboards to reply codes yet?? I’m sure they said they were doing that…)

Going from roughly M5 50% to D1 67% is practically an entire division and not just a small %. These are not just minor adjustments. per win/loss.

My years of experience suggests that I should not believe a word you say.

Yep, matches are mostly one sided, or you get leavers etc. I don’t recall the OW1 days having these severly one-sided matches as common. It’s refreshing when you finally get an even comp.

Yep, it’s just a division per 100SR basically at these levels.
I’ll wait to see what Blizzard announces if anything.

Thank you

I refer to my simple calculations above. (If anything I’ve been kind with the gains/losses)

No need

Diamond is 3000-3499
Master is 3500-3999

These fit the divisions of 5-1

Sure. You wait for them, I’ve already given you the answer.

Yes, I can see you have already given me your “answer”… thank you


Are these lies of yours again or have you got evidence to support your statements?

Have you got evidence that I didn’t like it because it is not what I wanted to hear?

Have you got evidence that what you said was a little too inconvient for me?


I’ve tried to “See Above”, and I cannot for the life of my see where I ever said that I didn’t like it because it is not what I wanted to hear, and I can’t also see where I said, what you said was a little too inconvient for me?

Can you please tag where I’ve said this e.g.:

Like this?