Is this game supposed to be so depressing?

So yesterday my games went; W,L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L. I am level 64 and I am put against people who are like level 2000 or whatever constantly. I actually managed to get 3 POTG’s and lost, lost, lost. People didn’t actually flame me however every game it was either; healers are crap, dps is crap, tanks are crap (Wasn’t actually ever the roles I was on or atleast to my knowledge)

I do occasionally have fun in this game but realistically speaking it makes me more depressed than anything. When the game is good, it is actually really fun however that is far from being frequent.

I really hope OW2 brings positive changes because atm I dont think I want to play this game again :confused:

Oh well.


Level doesn’t = skill.

Just as playing well individually doesn’t = winning.

That’s the “fun” of the game. Team play with random that aren’t paying attention.


Greetings,@Player,level dosn’t metter in comparation with skill.I am high level,but my skill is really low as dps/tank,but I keep trying and see what I can learn.I can give you a tip,try playing with a friends,game has alot stuffs to offer from my opinnion,loot boxes,endorsment levels,community,game desing,try something new,try to lead your team to the great Victory,you can do alot alot stuffs actually.Best of all in the future. <3

If you’re solo queueing in QP/Arcade, that’s generally how it goes.

Level doesn’t mean anything, other than they’ve been playing longer than you.

Some care about wins, some about rank, others about fun, still others about working on a new trick or technique, and others some combo of the above…it’s all different.

My suggestion, if “wins” are your focus, is to start grouping up with friends more, so you’ll function better as a team. You’re chances of a win will go up considerably if you do.

If solo-queue is your thing though, you’ll have to loosen your grip on wins, and just focus on doing the best you can as an individual.

Personally, I could care less about a win or lose. I just like good fights.

Take heart, you’ll see w,w,w,w,w,w,w,l sometimes as well.

Good luck out there Player.

Welcome to overwatch Player :slight_smile:

This is how it goes, tbh i have more success in QP than Comp. My games last night in QP where w,w,w,w,w,w,w,l (7 wins in a row as DPS).

I just don’t like losing SR when i play comp hence why i don’t do it much lol
If they gave you a bit of SR for losing then that would solve my OCD issues :slight_smile:

Try and just focus on what you are doing, i know it’s easier said then done sometimes when you get potato team mates but you will get wins. Just give it time.

Good luck.

I keep seeing people say you should get SR sometimes even if you lose… I don’t get it.

Maybe I’m missing something.

My only solution would be to get a group of people to play with.

welcome to team based games where winning is not at all in your control but they make you believe it is just to keep you coming back


“Omg ure plat with silver border looolll hardstuck” is just a meme.

If time played actually mattered, all the pro gamers would be old dudes. But NONE of them are.

It’s more the opposite lol. The more /played you got, the worse you get.

It is meant to yes but eat chocolate and think of me and all will be well, FACT.