Is this real or is this a joke!

So if you win 7 out of 10, that will place u in bottom silver, nice !

I’m not saying that I’m diamond or higher material player, but god damn if somewhere between gold and plat would be a right place with this score …

No wonder people are quitting game, good luck with Overwatch2 !

It’s not about the wins and losses, it’s about what mmr the wins and losses are at. You are not playing top 500 players in your placements, you are going 7/10 at around silver rating.


It is about how you play, not about how much you win

I’m focusing on objective and I’m always trying to counter pike opposite team.

But it looks like that that approach is worth silver … I guess I have to start do whatever and see how that works …

the game places you against opponents that it feels are of similar “mechanical skill”. but it all depends on how many season of comp you’ve played. if this was your first then the wins and losses do impact what you finish at as it will bounce you around the ladder until you “fit in” (by which I mean your not carrying the game but aren’t losing it for your team either). if you’ve played multiple season the wins and losses are irrelevant basically, you will place somewhat similar to the ending of your last season. its rare to place higher but it does happen. if you think your better than silver then you should easily get out of it. and please don’t say “but teammates” you get bad teammates on every rank and that also affects the other team as well, meaning your all in the same boat so if your good then you should win

Matches from your previous seasons affect your placements.

If you ranked around silver last season, chances are you’ll end there again.

Now it’s not really known how placements work, though it’s clear it does not care about the win loss ratio. Only games after placements work like that.
If it were to work on a win/loss ratio and without your MMR from last season everyone with 10/10 would end up Diamond+ and well get misplaced due to no MMR from last season.


I have a feeling you always place silver and climb to at most lower-mid gold, if even.

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Yeah if your MMR start at silver, you’ll place silver, no matter what you do. You can go up or down maybe 50-100 sr…

but if you just throw all the games you’ll still place silver.

If you pop off and hard carry, you’ll still get silver.

Placements are a pointless exercise. So just use it to practice something.

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I mean… If you really got placed way below your MMR, that means next couple of days you will spend in great mood having fun with 80-90 % win rate, carrying your team and grabbing POTG’s left and right, why are you upset by that? Just chill and enjoy the game on any rating. If you feel ashamed of your number (though no one give a **** about it except of you honestly) there’s even “Hide Profile” option.

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On the topic of hide profiles, I’m still confused, was it a large amount of the playerbase that wanted it. cause I still think its a dumb idea on a game that needs team coordination. to hide your stats because they aren’t good, then why play comp?

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It was requested by quite a few, and it is a fine idea. But the way they did it was terrible.

Fine, hide all the specific stats. But at least leave up your 3 most played heroes. Or even 3 per role. Just to give your team a hint as to what you like to play.

But you used to get a lot of people being forced to swap on to roles just because they had played a lot of that before. Which is why open que was such a toxic clown fiesta, and still is.

ah okay makes sense now, cause for me it seemed to come out of no where so I suppose its fine if people actually wanted it. but yeah the way it was implemented was garbage. the sr shouldn’t be hidden and at least your top played from each role should be shown. maybe only hide the stats or something.

I’ve seen this post, or same, a lot of time. And always players think that it’s u should take them higher, cuz it’s ur position in the game and ur objective. The point is, all of them have same position and objective and they do not do this just like u do. Sometimes even worst. They’re ignore and throwing you. And it’s not ur fault why you going to gold/silver/bronze. Only their.