Leaver penalty system

I’ve been getting crashes on games for that past few weeks now, and literally everything I’ve tried (including resetting my pc) hasn’t worked. I crash during comp games and here’s the problem that I found, depending on how far you are into the game, the leaver can feel helpless. You can be just about to win that last team fight and then dc and since the game already ended, you cant reconnect in time or you can DC as the game starts, also can’t reconnect in time.

There has to be a better way to punish actual rage quitters instead of punishing innocent players.

Maybe at the end of the game give everyone the option to report the leaver and if its majority yes, then they get a large suspension. If the team could come up to a consensus that “No, this player was genuinely trying to win the game”, minimal punishment.

However, repeated use of this IN A GROUP or VERY FREQUENT use in solo queue should give the penalty system a sign to give the player a very long suspension.

But thats just one idea that I have, I’m sure other smarter people could come up with something better that works for everyone. This hasn’t even tackled the problem of teammates who have leavers.

Knowing how much the community already abuses stuff we know that we can’t really trust them with such systems.

I’d recommend trying to get your issue fixed in the #technical-support subforum, because you really can’t play like this.

I’m also doubting if players would actually say you were trying to win the game, knowing your crash also ruined the game for them.
Even if you were trying to win, a match was ruined by a disconnect you could have asked for help to troubleshoot.

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if people leave your games, you are probably one of the reasons.
so no, we don’t need more leaver penalties, learn to play as a team.

Why play comp when you know your pc has issues?? That means you are no ‘innocent player’, since you know about the problem and keep playing comp…

Yeah sadly too many people playing this game are rotten to the core and care more about their precious SR than having any sort of fair systems in place.