Leavers in competitive

Seriously im playing overwatch on nintendo switch and it is amazing! BUT THERE IS A LEAVER IN LITERALLY EVERY COMPETITVE GAME! AND ALL OF US GET PUNISHED IN SR LOSS!

And if someone leaves in the enemy team it sux aswell because its a booring unfair match. Now you might say “report the leaver” or “avoid him as teammate” BUT THIS WONT BRING BACK OUR SRs!!! Im going crazy on this seriously you have to do something. The queue time are around 10-20mins and when you ginally get game someone either leaves straight away or mid game, this will destroy your game at the end of the day. But if that is what you wish then leave it as is. Im quitting if you aint fixing this.

Kind dissappointed regards.

And to all you competitive leavers, i get it you may have kids or have stuff to do etc, BUT GO PLAY QUICK PLAY INSTEAD, DONT QUEUE COMP IF YOU CANT STAY THE MATCH

Don’t leave the match if you have a leaver. If you play the rest of the match, you only lose about 10 sr instead of 20ish. It still sucks that you get punished for a leaver, but theres not really anything blizzard can do about it. If they did do so you wouldn’t lose sr when you have a leaver and lost, it would be abused. People would play with people on their smurfs and leave if they are about to lose (probably) and that way, you would be able to climb without losing any SR


Cus the game are total dead and they dont care losing SR or get deranked anymore.

Far from it!

nice grammar btw

Game still live but Player base took a huge hit after 2-2-2, no denying that.

Its realy not. The garbage thats left are trollers. And I dont call that alive…

And if someone leaves in the enemy team it sux aswell because its a booring unfair match.

It’s worse than that. A leaver on the enemy team means you get around half SR gain for the win. Which isn’t really fair since a lot of the time people leave when it’s clear that their team is likely to lose.
So if you play well enough to cause someone on the enemy team to leave, you get an SR penalty for that. Blizzard logic.

Yes there are many things that bizzard can do with leavers. E.g. they may put leavers like “win 5 QM before you can play competive” -penalty.

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This is easy.

Stop calling it “competitive”, it just isn’t for so many reasons (multiple accounts, smurfs, hackers, leavers and so on…)

Just enjoy the game. If someone leaves, there is literally nothing you can do. It sucks, we all know that. I would suggest just using that time to try something new. Practice and so on.

There is no point in getting angry about it. If Blizzard knew how to deal with the issue they would have fixed it by now.