Leavers in competitive

I have lost so much SR due to leavers in matches i’ve played, yesterday I have 4 leavers over the spread of 9 games and today this morning I’ve had 2 leavers + 1 did return but too late.

Is there something wrong with this game? Surely this is not normal?
MB they should include a 2min pause into the game to cater for their bad code - as I’ve played other games under competitive/ranked conditions and don’t encouter this many leavers.

The thing is, the entire team is punished rather than that one quitter.
Literally, give that guy the 6x SR loss and let the team off.
If they guy continues to quit/leaver/disconnect, then drop him into the unreliable connection ladder/ban from competitive for the season.

How many games are you playing in a season?

Massive sr loss after several games quit in a season is a good shout. I say if someone quits 6 games in a season they should be set to 0 sr for the remainder of the season then return to where they were minus 200 after reset.

Yeah that won’t get abused by derankers in any way…

yep the amount of wisdom shown on these forums by people baffles me sometimes lol.

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Just wait till you disagree with someone and see the rubbish they come up with then… haha.

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you lose some, you gain some in the same way.

This is untrue and i’m tired of hearing it.
It’s a team game, and you’re ultimately completely relient on your team being capable of playing as a unit for your individual score to climb.

You can be the perfect teammate, maximise your character, call what’s happening, how you would like something done, call flankers in backline, call switches (both opponent and your team switches that would be beneficial), and so much more… But unless your team actually is willing to do it, and play it properly, you’re not going to get any rating, ever.

Sports has known this for generations now, individuals don’t win team games.

Greetings @bubbleshoot,the reason why that happend,most of all,most ppl playing trought WI-FI connection,on laptop,alot ppl I know,using WI-FI where connection is not stable 100% all the time.I try personal myself playing trought WI-FI,connection looks good,but at once I get DC from the game bcs my WI-FI get down.Wi-Fi is good thing if you really close to the router but still even in that case is not enought good to constantly keep connection up.I don’t have any problem using WI-FI on my phone,but on pc is just nightmare not all the time,its looks good on begning but abit late is just become nightmare.People like people they like trying new things,and we have what we have…I feel sorry that you lost couple games bcs of dc’s.

It is a team game, but one based on 6 individuals popping off and combining. If you’re spending you time blaming everyone else… you’re probably not doing your job either.

Depends on the sports. Usually, the lower the number of people in a team, the easier it is for one person to carry the game. This is why in basketball they are happy to sign the start player and have cheaper solid players around them.

In OW though, you are not going to be high ranked (based on your complaint)… so the team element is almost irrelevant, how often do you see people playing as a well oiled unit. Combos and teamwork are usually a coincidence. So it is on you and your mechanics and gamesense to utilise your abilities.

@bubbleshoot I menage to get screenshot for you, https: //gyazo. com/34aca076370ed09c03b49b3de1050a22 (make sure to fix link,I use space on // and near com,bcs forum not allow any links here.) Cheers.

while i can agree with that logic .but the op is saying that 8 leavers didnot return . now the players who return you can give them doubt but the leavers who dont return well they intentionally left the game .
also you can use preforated text option to put your link instead of // . just a tip :blush:

i didnt know if i post it here but help me blizzard
i went to play competitive and i qued and then the game joined me one but did not put me in the game and i can see the chat and not in the game or do anything and it said failed to connect to server and it counted as a leave but i didnt even leave the game it self didnt put me in the game and now im suspended 20hours and i didnt even leave like whats wrong it said failed to connect server and i got suspended really>? i didnt leave or was afk i waited for the que for 20m please bring my sr back and remove the suspended as i didnt do anything it was from u guys