Leavers in Overwatch 2

New game, and the same issue appears apparent.
I’ve just had 4 games, and in each, I had a leaver present which ruined the ability for the team to play against the opponents competitively.

Sometimes the team was left with me and one other person after the rest eventually gave in to the timer.

That is, two games last night, and two games this afternoon.

Really unsure why Blizzard continue to allow such leavers to either continue playing ranked. They should consider banning the users for the season, or setting them into a unreliable queue. Its ruining the fun in playing the game.

They should potentially introduce a 2 minute pause to allow said leaver to return - to then nullify the game and set penalties on the leaver/ban them.
Nullifying will stop irregularities/bogus stats being thrown into the ranked ladder affecting players positively/negatively.

I’ve played countless CS:GO, R6, Rocket League, LoL, Dota where leavers are of no issue. Yet Overwatch is rife with them, and occurs more often than me being able to complete a match at the moment.


You can’t stop leavers. You can put measures like you suggest in to ease the pain, but I think all come with too many ifs and buts.

Personally I’d prefer to just crack on. Suspend the leaver for the relevant amount of time (as they do now) but let the match play on.

No more cancelling, no more faffing about. Just play on.

Wins and losses carry much less weighting now, so you’ll only punish yourself by giving up.

New Update

Since this post I played a further two games which went okay.

I then played another game today, the entire team left during the game - instantly.
All failed to rejoin - I did try and continue with the match, but it’s pretty much an unfair match when its 5v1. Usually when something like this happens, the match is cancelled/server is shut down.

#Blizzard - has this now been disabled?

Maybe they can allow a replacement to enter like in unranked but that person has no negative but a win if it is a won game.

Personally. I say you just crack on with it.

No cancellation, no messing about backfilling (because that just wouldn’t work in ranked), just play.

Wins and losses are a much lower weighting now. Losing is only an issue now if you play badly. A leaver doesn’t stop you from playing the game.

Just played another two games of Overwatch this evening - Had a leaver in both of them.
Very common issue.


It’s because dps players are so bad and never change hero “I AM HANZO” and hit maybe 3 arrows in 2 rounds. They blame that tank is bad and they get no healing. So i would say majority of leaves are because dps are fawking trash :smiley:

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I would give much larger punishments, much faster.

If they are leaving intentionally or have unreliable internet it’s all the same result.

That might sound unfair, but it’s also unfair on the 4 other team members to have these people on their team.

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It will definitely make them think about getting their internet stable/fixed before going into games and ruining it for everyone else.
If anything, put them into a reliability queue where they’re only placed with leavers/throwers/griefers.

Ok. But how would you fix it.

needs to be perm bans for season if they leave , end of, no ifs but maybes , if they leave the game and dont reconnect in 2 mins they get a season ban .

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but it can affect your overall game stats as 4v5 usually means losing team has so many deaths and little to no damage / elims so it does affect the team

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There are some games with people that I just can’t be dealing with and no multi hour, multi day or season long ban is ever going to keep me in those games.

I’m gonna keep leaving as long as people keep being terrible, be it terrible human beings or terrible players.

Plus there’s times where the real world calls for you out the blue, I’ll drop the game straight away but I will apologise before I go.

Any logical person can see that, agreed!