Leavers in Ranked

So, I managed to grind up to 2700 sr on tank with my friend. But all of a sudden, we witnessed hell. Quite literally. As soon as we passed 2700, we faced more and more leavers in ranked. Like… wtf? I am starting to wonder what’s happening to Overwatch in the last 2 seasons… everybody is just being toxic, I have a leaver every 3-5 matches in my team, and Overwatch is just a pain in my a**. And obviously I report the people that leave. But the funny thing is that none of them got banned. Literally NONE of them. I am starting to wonder what is going on in the Overwatch Team. This game becomes more and more unplayable. Even known OW players like ML7 say that the game is in a very bad state atm. So I am asking myself: What is the OW team doing?

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“What is the OW team doing?”

I have heard rumours they are working on a new game…

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ye sure but I refuse to believe that they let “ow” die just to work on “ow2”

That is good. Because they haven’t.

Too bad that they do let it die lul

They stated that they do let it die, ie OW2 will replace OW.

They haven’t.

They have stated they are putting less resources into it, which is the smart thing to do.

No point wasting hours on 6v6 balance when it isn’t going to be useful. Only things that are of use to OW2 are coming through now. (Hence why Doom will probably not get touched again, bar small bug fixes).