Left handed players?


Any left handed players in the forums? Does anyone play mouse with left hand, and if you are left handed and play mouse with right, do you find aiming harder? Are there any left handed players in OWL?


I’m left handed, use the mouse in the right hand, because that’s how PCs are arranged and swapping was too much of a hassle or even impossible when I grew up. It’s all about getting used to it though… my weapon accuracy across all game modes is about what you’d expect for just about every hero (slightly better on some (Cree, Widow), slightly worse on others(Zarya, Pharah)), although it suffers a bit from the mere fact that I play mostly Mystery Heroes where it’s generally hard to find a rhythm, because most DPS heroes are mostly about getting in the zone (time between shots, etc), so it’s hard to evaluate the impact of that.
One thing I do find is that my right hand cramps up rather easily, so I maybe lack a bit in stamina, but as a tank/support player it’s more about the mental focus than the manual focus, so I need breaks to stay on top of my game either way.


I’m left handed and use the mouse with my right, I think my aim is quite good but not amazing and I don’t find it difficult, like above I got used to it because it’s set up that way, so using PC in school at or my sisters PC was always set up for right handed people.


Left handed here and I play with my left hand, and I play just as any right-handed person would when it comes to keyboard usage: wasd, only thing I swapped was making the windows key function as my shift, so I can use it with a thumb. Nicoo from Paris Eternal also plays with a left hand. Afaik he’s the only league player to do so.


Left handed here and I play with my left hand as well. For keyboard set up, that’s a bit unique, : movement is bound to TGFH, ability 1 is J, ability 2 is D, reloard R, use E, crouch C, sprint Y, melee kick is K, quick chat is V.
I took this habit from the times I was playing Archeage, an MMORPG with a lot of ability that you always need to be able to use quickly. This configuration offers me a way to keep a lot of keys close to my fingers, especially the little finger that is now used more often for more keys.


Poor left handed people, always having to adapt to the rest of the world.
They do have an advantage in some sports.
But why would you make it so hard on yourself and use the mouse with your right hand? I can’t imagine using my left hand when I can just do it with my right hand.


I mean, left handed mouses exists for a reason.


Not that easy… when I was 10 or 12, i.e. when I started playing video games, I didn’t reflect upon the setup, it was just so: the mouse and mouse pad were on the right side, there was not enough space or a long enough cord to swap. Some games had no options to change key bindings. Left handed mice weren’t really a thing, at least not when in a way that my parents could have known about it. Nowadays, I’d say that the average parent is more tech savvy these days…

Still, like I said: you can learn it, and even going about it with the “wrong” hand, my accuracy is above average for most heroes…


Thanks for all the replies. As I understand, left handed people tend to be more ambidextrous exactly because things tend to be built around right handed people. I’m not ambidextrous, but I tend to practice my left hand for fun in some games, and I’ve heard it can help in coordination in general.

I have my mouse in right hand, I’m right handed myself and my “wasd” is “PÖLÄ”… I moved my keybinds to the right side of the keyboard, closer to the mouse hand, since after I bought a big mouse pad, playing overwatch felt like driving a harley davidson :smiley: