LGBT pride icons!


I’d say it’s a good mix of both. Since honnestly they just made S76 one tricks an easy target for everyone and tbh i still dont think it added that much to the grand lore of the game. So, i’d say that for me i just see no good side to this. Getting called an LGBT supporter or G4y just for my picks is getting tilting.


Okay dude… Chill.


If you talk about the backstory of a hero, it would be a bad idea to leave realationships out when you want to explain why Soldier 76 is also known as the lone soldier, wouldn’t it?


Yeah, they could add that- but I really don’t care if it exists or not.
I support them in real life and don’t have to show it also in a video game. :woman_shrugging:

It could also lead to that some people will be treated differently. Either in a good or bad way- even tho everyone should basically be the same.


They can write a x100 times better made up story on why his a lone soldier. Its not like every lone wolf is LGBT. Tbh at this point i’m expecting Torbs turret to come out g4y and hammond having feelings for winston. And from what i’ve seen, most comments outside of the forum “opinions not controlled by rulles” seems that everyone thinks that they added this for 2 reasons. Media SJW presure and because the game is dying. And i can agree to that but i wont relate. At the end it just backfired on them with only 1 good side to it, the memes.
Gona add that i don’t hate the LGBT communety since i dont really care that much but i hate it when stuff feel forced or made with alternative motives.
Personally i didn’t wait months for the next overwatch lore update just to get the next Buzz feed post or get gender shamed for picking S76.


Well there we have it exclusive inclusion, also… most trans people commit suicide and i can pin that on the LGBT for glorifying the trans facade, putting unstable people on dangerous hormonal therapy! Guess we need a flag for that… or that trans person that destroyed his/her body because this person was encouraged by aforementioned community, can you feel the PRIDE? Sacrificing people for your political agenda… you’re not better then those religious zealouts.


Can you write soldiers backstory with the realationship without making him g4y?
Can you provide the same message with a female as a past lover? Yes, you can literary use a woman instead of a man and it would still have the same message. This is the true way to make it seem normal.

The issue is that they tried to convey it as something minuscule, something normal. Society is the one who doesn’t want to accept it, which is kinda paradox because I thought they wanted to treat love for all as normal.

But does that mean that society is right? No, not at all. You’d fall into the appeal to polularity fallacy if you think so. The story team never intented to make a show about soldier 76’s g4yness. They wanted to portrait it as a normal thing, something that isn’t very interesting. They made the first step of making homosexuality a normal thing and society should finally treat it as such, too.


I for sure can try but im not a writter just a consumer.
I don’t really think that the realationship mattered, more so then the message that his g4y, and i do believe that in a fictional world there can be a better made up storry with or without any realationships added. That’s why i feel that its forced and made with an agenda.

I can see that, but this is a game, and gamers mostly want to turn off society once they are gaming, i mean we arent influanced by the shooting aspect of the game, why must we be by the LGBT one? I think that it was a great misstake to make the call of duty hero LGBT, because blizzard them self know that cod is mainly children and man children for sure i’d pick and make Zarya or Lucio LGBT, since no one will be shocked at that fact and it will actaully still send the same message. But i guess there comming out will be later on in the lore or somethting.

And that’s one of the agendas for this thing. Like making g4ys ok is perfectly fine but they did this in a PG 13 game, with an immature communety, so in the end the LGBT got more shamed tbh since from what everyone sees this is forced by them and SJW and the SJW reputation is terrible and manipulative.

So they have to start battltes vs society, in the form of a game that’s not even real life, rail up every anti-LGBT player to harras s76 and basicly spitting in the faces on every S76 one trck.

I just think this did more harm then good, especially in the long run, yes the 1-5% of LGBT players are happy, 10-20% don’t care, some % like me are just bugged by it and the backlash and the rest just hate and make fun of it. There is no source to this claim but this is my experience with it.


They’re extreme left. Extreme left has never ever come to power peacefully, it was always by revolutions(in blood). Why do you expect it’ll be any different now?
The sooner western societies destroy themselves, the better for us all

Btw, after schools in USA where they addressed “toxic masculinity”, they started campaign by filming short movies … guess this term will be the highlight of the year 2019.

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Seen that ad, its been commented by most youtubers at this point, and yes its prity much the same thing Blizzard is going. Only difrence is that blizzard delete and ignor/controll the back lash/feed back.


I am a someone, whose opinions always base around the all in or nothing principle: Either everything is included or nothing is included.

This game is already packed with lore and even hints of relationships like Widows wedding picture or even heroes themselves exist.

So if society tries to make g4y relationships normal, it would be fair to make it a character trait, too, wouldn’t it?

The PG 13 argument is also very weak because around that time, immature people hit their puberty and already experience sexual attraction to people, usually around 14-16 years old. It would make sense to keep out sexuality issues in kids games but games for people with puberty? Not to mention the fact that this issue is outside the game, just like Tracer being in a relationship with Emily. You need to dig deeper than the game itself to find out their relationship because of a portrait of Emely and a voice line by Tracer, thinking about whether she should go to meet her.

Again, I’m an “all in or nothing” guy. If you don’t want g4y relationships in a story, you shouldn’t ask for any relationship at all because there is no difference between any relationship except gender. Then say goodbye to Widows tragic backstory, the relationship with Pharah and Ana, her mother, Brigitte, Genji, and so forth and so on.

Heck, the whole lore would crumble because the omnic issue is about a relationship between humans and omnics live together. It is not a romantic relationship but still one. And even if you disregard non-romantic relationships, you still lose a good chunk of the lore and the game itself.

They use relationships as a character trait and they disregard sexuality because it doesn’t or shouldn’t matter anymore. They use the g4y realationship as a character trait, not as a pandering tool.

But that’s heavily just my opinion, nothing factual.


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Did it ever occur to you that politicians and political activist have an interest in riling up the worst elements of their “opposition”? Releasing one commercial that makes one company look bad can result in thousands of quotes from the kind of people who make them look like they have a point.

The right has made more money off of that commercial then Gillette. And the left uses the worst elements of the right’s responses to make themselves look good. And next week, the right will do something that the left will use to make money.


I agree to that but even you are backing down on statments like

Yet its clear that this matters to a lot of palyers for what ever reason there is.

Thats true as well, but i dont need any digging to get called G4y for picking S76, and thats exacly what the communety is doing… So far i have 2 Friends that quited the game because of this, not that they care that S76 is gay, they care that they get harrased for playing him… And this isn’t a problem at all before blizzard got pressured into this and made the problem happen…
You don’t need to dig deep at all, the communety will tell you.
My opinion is that this jsut backfired on them from what im seeing and i hope a revert or something happens because S76 pick rate dropped… And its funny because his going to be better vs armor next patch yet it dropped by 0.30% not may not seem alot but his pick rate was 1.40% or something like that (across all ranks and platforms) Youd think it will go up because the LGBT players are playing him but thats not the case since most S76 one tricks just dropped him.

TBH Tracer is a difrent storry, in a game dominated by male players, we “enjoy” lesbians but when it comes to G4ys most will instnaly just be grosed out and make fun of them. Correct me if im wrong here but thats just what i’ve saw the last weekend. And i don’t want you to get me wrong, this doesnt happen every game but when it does it sticks and it isn’t aways hardcore homophobic hate but it’s slader nonetheless.

Its not weak, since at that age perans are at full control of what sexually explicid acts the minor is ingaged at. Most perants believe that its to early for children to learn what straith and not is, and if anything els that stuff needs to be taken care in sex ed class (funny thing in my county you need to be 16 to attend sex ed…).
IF someone is a minor, it’s his guardians job to teach him about sex not a game people play to escape the social world.

Persoanlly i dont care about any of the relation ships in this game since they just dont matter to me, and about ana and pharahs who know we have yet to see her dad, she might be adopted and Ana might be a lesbo. I have yet to see the birth certificate spray or anything(joking).

When you say society, you must mean the 5% SJW/LGBT since they are the only once who care. Most are neutral.


Just like how Mercy is a noob hero for girls? Just like tracer being homosexual? Just like how symmetra and torbjörn are trash picks?

The isste that salty kids harass you for what you play isn’t exclusive to Soldier 76

So there is a double standard, isn’t there? Women can be homosexual but men can’t? Is it really Blizzard’s fault that it backfired or is it our fault?

Then they should control their internet behavior, shouldn’t they? After all, a child can find all the g4y shipping fanficitions, explicit artwork or even p0rnography. Finding out in a Twitter post by a specific person that soldier 76 is g4y, which is presented in a few lines of multiple pages of text in a non explicit way, is the smallest problem parents have.

Again, where is it shown in the game? There is literary no direct evidence in the game that any g4y person is in a relationship.

If most of society is neutral, then why bothering about Soldier’s sexuality?
Because soldier mains will get bullied? No, because toxic players have just another minuscule trait out of many they can use against you.
Because it happened to Soldier 76 only? No, because there is a double standard towards g4y men and people have to grow out of it or just stop caring.
Because it’s a PG13 game? No, because that information isn’t inside the game and teenagers can already find “worse” things on the internet.

There is literary no reason to not allow the backstory of a hero’s relationship outside the game, no matter if it reveals the hero’s sexuality. Again, they use sexuality as a character trait, not as a pandering tool.


They didn’t release a comercial to look bad … they released propaganda. Ideologies don’t need help to look bad - they always are.

Money? Right didn’t get anything out of this, people who are left are still left, people who are right are still right, people who are center are still center …
Targeted groups are left oriented people, which they are trying to radicalize. It’s same like radical muslims, you need to be muslim to become radical muslim… It’s actually same for the right, but people know by now that radical-right is bad(they’re all into Hitler crap)…

This is far-left propaganda(so not left, extreme, radical left). As crazy as it may sound - they truely believe in this crap. Video was directed by a well known feminist director, but that’s not surprising because Hollywood is long gone far-left.
If you haven’t read it, this is how far-leftists think, and how they want representation in games

Morale of the story, if you’re making a historical game, movie or similar, you should first check how to represent USA’s minorities and women - or be called a racist, misogynist, etc. Because, we all know black Czechs/Slovaks/Poles were a thing in the middle ages ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But S76 didn’t have any problem before, it started after this shenanigans. He wasn’t a meta pick but he wasn’t the SJW’s puppet.

Im not directly stating that but in the large masses that just how it goes.
If you look at the maps/stats on what countries p0rn search, you will see that Lezb1ans are the N1 search for america, yet G4ys aren’t even on that map for any countries. This might seem like a dumb argument but it shows what people are looking for… Call it a standard or not is relevant. But blizzard are the once who forced this upon us not the p0rn sites.

Yes this is true, and im sure 99% of parents don’t even have access to the overwatch lore… Like if this made the news im sure a bigger backlast will come at blizzard.

Not really because there is parental control features that are used, i can agree that they aren’t used by everyone thou. Because most parents aren’t PC master race type of people.

Twitter are banning p0rn, but they don’t have the right to remove stuff that “isn’t real” that how hentai/fanfics are allowed. And this isn’t one of my main arguments to this, but i’m just sure that most parents will be agenst this.

Well, its shown when people call your kid G4y for picking S76. Who knows what voice like they will add as well.

Something that will never happen, because this isn’t the perfect world blizzard think they are living it. And tbh its even worse in the Eu on top of the fact that G4ys are still taboo and agents the law at some places.

Im sorry but i just don’t see that as a trait or a quirk i just see it as them getting forced and bending to the SJW. I support the LGBT but not the manipulative SJW.
Lets not ignor the fact that this will have an impact on some kids. Because at an early age you can make a kid believe in anything. Yes they are other places for them to find this stuff, but that doesn’t make it ok.

And still im bumbed out mostly because this is just for players to harras S76 players, an excuse that wasn’t in the game before. Its like blizzard are tring to get the heroes hated or at lest that’s how it turned out.


Sexuality has a symbolism that can be used similar to color symbolism. For example, tracer’s sexuality emphasizes her openness and tolerance towards others because she already tolerates a different kind of love.

Also, in a fantasy comic I’m working, I chose one of the main characters to be heterosexual because of her deeply rooted ideology of traditional love.

The issue with soldier 76, however, was inevitable. The character/story designers already decided the realationships of the heroes in the first place. But honestly, the problem that 1diots now use Soldier’s sexuality as an insult is just childish. Just take it easy, report, mute and move on.


If that’s true then what does that make Widowmaker? A Homophob?

Thats good and im really happy, but this isn’t a manga or a comic, and then its really important to establish stuff like this early on unless you are looking for a shock factor from your audience. I personally read a lot of manga and i have no problems with such stuff, i’v enjoyed genderbender, yaoi, yuri etc you name it, i just read everything… but when i read manga its because i picked to read it not because a SJW shoved it in my face, and then when i finish the manga people don’t pick on me.

But you see, this wasn’t the case before, blizzard aren’t taking risks with this, its the S76 players who are taking the bullets, and Hit scan carries have it hard as it is atm no point in me picking S76 knowing id get tilted in master rank by master ranked players. I have enough stuff on my mind when im hit scaning, I barely have any time to even use the voice chat button because its distracting, and i dont even do that much solo que yet im feeling it… All in all this just made the game worse for solo que, and solo que was bad as it is.

Anywho, im a stop here, since im not a fan of sensitive topics.
Just wanted to drop my 2 cent on the fact that i didn’t like this up date. For me it its just the same that happen’d to the harry potter franchise and how the SJW made Dumbledore g4y and ofc its cannon.
This for me will just be pointless and an SJW agenda until the end. Im happy for the once who find joy in this thou. Good for them ^^.
But for me i think that the worst way to make something accepted is by forcing in.
Edit: gona fix typos…


Don’t fall for the false dilemma fallacy. Things can have multiple meanings.

Ironically, they tried to make it as unnoticeable as possible. They failed though.

It is now though. However, not blizzard but the media and the playerbase is forcing you to accept it. If you don’t like the fact that soldier is g4y, then just ignore it, and toxic players will always find ways to insult you. If soldier 69 isn’t working, they just harass your mother.

Your experience is just as bad as before. It just seems worse because a new bad thing only replaced an old thing.

And I don’t even need to mention about the harassment towards actual people of minority groups. And what do I tell them? Take it easy.

So if I tell people that are harassed for their real identity to carry on, why can’t you when your harassment only base on a minuscule hero pick?