LGBT pride icons!



Sorry, but I don’t see your point.


Right you are. Not sure what’s the point though.

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, uh… your opinion, man.

I’m not sure you answered to my post here. 'Cause my conclusion was different. Probably misunderstood.

And that’s horrible. No one should be the target of any harassment or bullying.

I know the things I’m about to say have like nothing to do with what you are saying but just gonna use it as an example or starting point. This is my personal opinion of course. While I believe it is foolish to be proud of one’s sexuality (or being right handed, or being a 180 centimeters tall) since it is not achieved, but given, I also think if we allow one group to have their holy icons we should allow every group. And since I believe in free speech I mean every group. Even the ones that would probably murder me if they had a chance.

But I think Activision-Blizzard knows that the media wouldn’t handle straight pride well. It’s just something people rip on, I am honestly not sure why. Anyways, that’s my opinion.


It is ok to be straight. Because there’s nothing wrong with being straight. I support straight pride, white pride, male pride and all forms of personal empowerment. I understand that many people don’t see a distinction between white pride and white supremacy. But that’s because bigots misuse it. White supremacist don’t invalidate white pride anymore than black supremacist invalidate black pride.


pride flags exist because straight people have been condemning LGBT people since forever, that’s why cis straight people arent included in LGBT, this is why pride flags and parades exist. because of the millions of gay and trans people that are dead because of straight people, and if you ask me for examples, then you’re just living under a rock or selectively choosing what to read


Honestly, all I cared about was the short back story into how the hero became to be. I didn’t really care about its deep life with its relationships unless it was a heavy reason into how the hero was formed. For example, genji came to be because his brother killed him that was enough for me, I didn’t need anymore info like what kind of ramen they ate when they were younger. I’m not a homosexual, yet I’m not homophobic, all this is gonna do is create a divide. Overwatch is trying to please LGBT showing that they care by changing a hero and saying “oh btw 76 is gay” trying to “educate” people, but no LGBT person I know cares if the hero is gay or not. One of my friends who’s a lesbian thinks it wasn’t good making telling everyone tracer is lesbian because it’s sparked more controversy she’s heard people say “don’t play tracer she’s lesbian” or “i don’t wanna play a gay hero” I haven’t heard a LGBT person complain about “why is there no gay heroes” all this is doing is creating more of a divide and Overwatch wants to more attention.


I think I icons and skins would have been a better option in supporting a cause like the breast cancer charity, I don’t see mercy’s background saying “oh btw she’s got breast cancer” by having skins and icons it gives people more of a choice in supporting a cause. LGBT people never complained about having no gay heroes, Overwatch are just doing this for attention saying “educating”, but in fact LGBT don’t care about the heroes gender, most heterosexual people don’t care the heroes gender and most kids won’t even know what gay is cause it’s not important to them since they might not know what sexuality they are yet :joy:. But some people might not like the idea that they made 76 gay, so I think the best way to support LGBT is through skins and icons giving people a chose, if they want to support LGBT then go for it but if you don’t want to, that’s your decision.


idk what to tell you cuz i know plenty of people who care about a character’s sexuality. representation in media matters a lot


I would make pride sprays available to all heroes regardless of the heroes personal story. LGBT players are not restricted to LGBT heroes. And straight players are not restricted to straight heroes.

Me being a straight, white, cis, male hasn’t stopped me from playing Sombra. And I personally believe a place has been made in the world for a white pride symbol. Something that says, “I’m not racist because you need me to be, the problems you create in your own life are not my fault, and I don’t have to take your ████ just because you’ve got melanin.”


Dear mister butch.
Let’s not lump in religious fanatics and a few bad apples with ALL straight people.

Nowadays in the western world there are very few people left who are openly against lgbt folk. And the ones that are left, are publicly frowned upon.

On the other hand, nobody likes this one person at a party who can’t help but mention how gay, vegan or whatnot they are every 30 seconds.
Being lgbt is not that impressive today.
Sure… a generation or two ago you might have lost a job if people found out, but nowadays you’re more likely to land the interview or a promotion just so the company would score some of those precious virtue points.

In conclusion I’d like to clarify that I have nothing against lgbt folk.
I judge a persons worth not by their gender or sexuality, but rather their actions and character.

Have a good day.


What about billions of people that have died because of western countries’ aggressions and are netiher black nor gay? Not seeing you flipping about that


You are challenging them by checking for double standards, don’t you? Basically, you are begging for equality, which is a very valid argument.

It really seems like the decision of whether to add the symbol of the pride movement resides on whether you should add all symbols of every movement or none.

After all, adding only one symbol would be a double standard and against society’s ideology of equality.


If they should add LGTBQ+ flags they should just add EVERY flag there is like aromantic and asexuql flags too. Not only gay, lesbian & bi.

There are so many labels ppl are calling themselves, i think it might be to much to add.

Or else many ppl would be triggered.


Just gonna have to go with a no on this topic. Not because I am against anyone, but because it would inevitably be abused in-game by those hiding behind anonymity. Over a decade of WoW tells me that you SHOULD NOT add anything in-game that has anything to do with real life situations or events.

If I thought the community, as a whole, could handle it maturely, it would be fine.

Plus, then every group would want one to represent them. And we know that the religious sect would be up in arms and calling for boycotts. Hate groups would make their lives miserable. Many countries would ban the game outright.

It would be a mess.


We don’t need more Icons or gay pride ones. IT is just normal to be gay or straight. Why does it matter? I don’t care what sexuality you or soldier: 76 or seagull is. Do what you want, just don’t start forcing things into my face it gets annoying.


people STILL lose jobs bc of their sexual orientation, people are forced to hide their marriage or act straight. idk what world you live in but in many other places, including the west, homophobia is still thriving, sadly. im not gonna source articles to you, this isnt my job, but my god homophobia is very much still a thing and just because people are speaking out against oppression it doesnt mean poeple are more accepting (while i do agree we improved)


Since you already claim that you have source articles, please provide them, too!

It’s your job to make your arguments valid, so please proof that there is a concerning amount of sexuality-discrimination in the western world.

It is important to provide multiple cases to show that the amount of discrimination is concerning. After all, you might just witnessed very few articles and, because of the hasty generalisation fallacy, you might assume that it is worse than it actually is.

Otherwise, we need to take your argument with a grain of salt. That’s how discussions work.


All im saying is that if they just kept sexuality out then it would have affected neither side. In fact I feel that it’s just made the whole situation worse with more homophobic comments. If you look at the recent nendoroid for solider 76 you can see all the comments on twitter about his sexuality like “group up soliders behind you…reaper teleports hastily”, “no don’t look at me in the shower solider”, “new patch for solider 88 he can’t shoot men anymore, just women”. The list goes on, if they left out sexuality from the game and other things like religion or gender, then it would affect less people that way and just keep the situation as neutral.


That is not possible, though. Overwatch’s lore is built around the conflict of culture and Ideology. Leaving culture, religion, etc. out would be like removing a big chunk of the cake.

Sexuality is inevitable in character and story design. Making public what realationship someone’s in immediately reveals their sexuality (let’s leave bisexuality out for simplicity’s sake).

Demanding no sexuality would mean no realationship at all, meaning Brigitte wouldn’t exist, Pharah wouldn’t exist, Widowmaker wouldn’t exist, Genji (who got killed due to his attitude as a playboy) wouldn’t exist and so on.

It is impossible to leave sexuality out when talking about a character’s backstory. Because of that, it needs to feel as natural as possible, which they succeed in soldier 76. However, media and the vocal minority can’t understand it and makes a trait, that should be just ignored, into the elephant in the room.

Instead of going 2 steps back and deem the reveal of sexuality as evil, why don’t we just go 2 steps forward and ignore it all together? It is just a character trait, nothing more and nothing less.

And yes, no matter how you see it, sexuality is a character trait. I use it for myself. I’m working on a fantasy story whose gimmick is cultural conflict. One protagonist is tolerant to other folks, due to her own folk being nomads and wandering merchants, but she can’t fathom the Idea of two men being together. That’s why I chose her to be heterosexual, to emphasize her loyalty to her traditional ideology.

As a side note, every protagonist in my comic has some sort of tolerance and intolerance, all due to different reasons. Except Kevin… He’s Kevin.


Because it’s a pg13 game, this is just asking kids to make fun of s76 mains.


It seems like more adults are making fun of S76 mains than kids.

After all, adults were the ones who screamed that he’s g4y