LGBT pride icons!


Why not? Politics is harmful. An anti political symbol is basically the equivalent of a disaster relief symbol or a symbol advocating research to cure a disease.


No, rights are not social justice, but trying to shove something down others throat is.
Lack of reason is one of the points, yes, but game is marketed for Teens, that is audience that should be introduced to themes of sexuality by their parents, not confused by video games and strangers in said video game. We have no right to force “acceptance” on 13 year olds by saying “Oh, i am different than you, see? This icon says so”.
Every single symbol can be politicised and LGBT symbols became almost exclusively political in western world. And game has no place in political process to begin with.
AND, to add on “wide variety of demographics” comment - yes. And there are cultures where expressing sexuality in open in unacceptable, which kinda makes you forcing your (our/western) values on others.


There is a flaw in your argument.

You are comparing 2 symbols who have different intentions.

One has been added as a donation campaign, the other doesn’t have an actual reason.

Any better argument against not allowing any anti-political symbol?


@GetHacked: If someone hates white people they should be shamed and admonished for it. The same is true of all bigots. Some forms of bigotry are western values. Those deserve to be challenged just as harshly. I’m not trying to force values, I’m trying to oppose values that get people abused. I understand that there are countries that are openly opposed to LGBT rights. I also understand that that’s a problem. And acceptance should be shoved down bigots’ throats. If two people grab an Evergreen activist by the head and yell “YOUR PROBLEMS ARE NOT WHITE PEOPLES’ FAULT” into both their ears at once so that it’s last thing they ever hear, that’s entirely justified.

@FatBluDragon: Life, even human life, is an ongoing chemical reaction. malignant tumors are just as alive as misandrist or Islamic extremist. Performing a surgery to remove a tumor from an infant is morally the same as blowing the head off a man mutilating a little girl’s genitals.


This is how hatred is born and pushback becomes even stronger. Just keep game a game. Game has no place in such matters.


No, those bigots were going to be bigots even if they didn’t have an excuse.

And even if the game doesn’t take a stance the players should still have that choice.


It still doesn’t deny the fact the the reasons for the implementation of both symbols are different. One is added due to a donation campaign; The other isn’t.

Both might be similar but still added for a different reason.

Logically speaking, if there were a lgbt rights donation campaign, an lgbt symbol would then be ok.


So if I start collecting money to hire mercenaries to snipe Islamic fundamentalist who are trying to throw certain men off roofs, then it would be ok?

And if I start rasing money to buy confederate flags would I be able to put the flag of my people in the game?


No, it would need to be a public donation campaign by blizzard. However, what you suggest is an extreme example because it’s a morally controversial idea. After all, you are talking about k1lling people.

A more reasonable argument, if blizzard is making an LGBT donation campaign to help the fight of liberation, then an LGBT flag would be ok.


You have that choice - reach mutual agreement with LGBT players, that certain icon represents this group. Game is not involved in some gender/sexuality politics, you have visual representation, that you can recognize other players. Once symbol usage reaches critical mass, everyone wll asume player with that icon is from LGBT. That’s how rainbow flag became symbol for certan gorup (don’t want to get caught in filter, so i assume you know the group i mean)


@FatBluDragon: That’s like saying an effort to clean up nuclear waste is extreme. These people are causing unnecessary death and suffering. They are making the choice to throw these men off buildings. They could choose not to. Thus, by stopping them you are preventing their crimes.


You are comparing people with things but focus on the main issue!

“No anti-political symbol should be added unless it is linked to a donation campaign by blizzard”.

Is this one solid or is there any holes in the argument?


Pretty much sums it up. If Blizz stands behind it, it would be ok to add


Just to be sure, with “Blizz stands behind it”, do you mean that it is ok when they actively support a cause via a donation campaign or do you mean that it is ok when they tolerate or accept the ideology/(anti-)political movement?

Basically, do you mean that an LGBT flag ok ok when they are doing an LGBT campaign or when they tolerate or accept the LGBT community?


Active support, it would mean blizz is actively investing resources to the cause


That’s an interesting stance to take. Why should that be a requirement?

Every icon or spray in Overwatch exist because Blizzard thought the players would like it. I personally would like to see my confederate flag in the game. That’s why I support the inclusion of the pride flag. Both flags have a great deal of political weight put on them. But at their core they represent people. People who have been misunderstood, vilified, and attacked for being who we are. People who hate southerners and LGBTs are the only people who will be offended by these flags. And why should the sensibilities of bigots be given any consideration? And anyone who isn’t interested in using LGBT or Rebellion iconography could just use other symbols.

Would it be bad to let Christians put up crosses, or allow goths to put up ravens? Why not let the players show who they are to each other?


Can’t this game stay neutral, it use to do a good job at that.
I just want to drop that big corporation don’t even care for the cause, they mostly want to clean some face value.


People being allowed to be who they are so long as they don’t harm others is neutral.


Not talking about people nor do i really care who is what, just pointing out that its best if the game stay’d neutral.


You don’t get it. LGBT pride is neutral in the same way straight pride is neutral. And Irish pride. And Wicca pride. Treating someone like they’re doing tangible harm for being different is non-neutral.

And again, Blizzard wouldn’t be forcing these symbols on players. They’d simply be making them available to players who wish to use them. When people see my Sombra spraying my Rebel colors, sure, some people will think Blizzard are promoting the version of the confederacy that is convenient to those who hate us. But players would come to understand that the flag is a representation of me the player. Why should players be denied a method of self expression?