LGBT pride icons!


No you don’t get it.
Once i join a game, the last thing i care about is society and its problems.
That’s the point in games, to be anti-social.


Says the guy playing a team based multi-player game.


Yes, i’ve palyed team based games most of the time, Does that make me a social butterfly? No.
Lets keep society and its problems in the real world, and lets just don’t encourage straight or any agenda in the game. Like when it was Vanila and GOTY. It just went downhill from there.


Well if you don’t want to deal with social issues in games, you could just not make something an issue when it doesn’t have to be. Soldier 76 being boy chaser didn’t have to set the forums on fire. It doesn’t have to be an issue. You don’t have to see someone being themselves as an agenda.

Most people waving the rainbow flag just want people to let them be themselves. I know this because that’s all I want with my broken stars.

Just because someone’s LGBT doesn’t mean you have to act like they’re being LGBT at you.


Look, all i want is for this game to be anti-social like games use to be, now they are used to clear face and start issues like you see. And please don’t think that they cared for more then there public face.
You guys can do all you want in the real world, just keep this silly stuff out of my game because its pointless.
Its funny, Blizzard was on fire for D immortals, well time to clear some face value i guess trow a dart at a hero and boom.
Just to make it clear, neutral means neutral not supporting anything, not the left side and not the right side, that way no one is butt hurt.
Being neutral is the best. Being extreme never works.


So you think Blizzard should eliminate sprays entirely, and block all forms of team chat. Anything to do with player expression has to go lest it be tainted by dreaded reality.

This game features national flags, product advertisements, depictions of weaponry, and overt treats in the form of sprays, voice lines, and emotes. Why then, is the pride flag a bridge too far?

Also, regardless of why they make what changes to which characters, I still support giving players the opportunity to express themselves. Even if players like you are going to choose to take offence.


And is missing a lot of flags. But since no one cares about social stuff its ok.

If for income and not in the game. Action figures really bother me… said no one ever.

Its rate’d PG 13, the guns in this game, when they shoot, they have a cartoony feel to them. Just look at S76 and how the end of his duo expends as he starts to shoot. And its a game, don’t tell me you guys want the guns removed because people use guns in the real world???..

Yes. Like i stated, they aren’t flags for every country, it will just be insulting to them if they added it wont it? Not to mention that they are showing support for a small grup when large once are ignored. Non the less ignoring is the best, being neutral rocks you need to try it. No one will have a problem with you, nor will you have a problem with anyone. How come this isn’t the best plane option?
For me this is how it works.


If this game was neutral like it started out as, no issues would have come to it. But its not so good luck dealing with haters. All i have to say. Sad that even the neutral people have to deal with the haters from both sides thou…


Again, people being themselves is neutral. You don’t have to attach negative connotations. Just because you get upset when other people are what they are doesn’t mean they should be banned from doing so. You don’t have to get butt hurt. You don’t have to hate people. You can just let people be themselves.


I’m neutral, i’m supporting you as much as i’m supporting anything else.
But thank you this brings my main point.

You clearly don’t even know what being neutral is.
“not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial.”
You can be yourself or someone else. That’s ok. Anything more like asking the devs for silly stuff isn’t neutral at that point your not impartial.


How many times do I have to say this? LGBT pride is neutral. It would be un-neutral to take a stance against LGBTs. If you want neutrality, then be neutral to people using the pride flag. Don’t make it something it never had to be. Don’t get upset at LGBT players for being LGBT. Be neutral to it.

LGBT people are not a side. They are people. Those who decide to abuse them or treat them like something they aren’t are the ones taking sides.


LGBT is a movement, and a movement isn’t neutral. And also a Social movement. Games need to get back to being anti-social like the good old days, and anti social doesn’t mean no in game communication it means that it ignores everything in the outside social world…
Then you have the fact that the rainbow flag by definition isn’t a flag for neutrality. I try’d copying what the flag is for but my message is getting inspected by an admin… But here’s the source

Main thing i didn’t read is the word “neutral” once and its a social movement, you cant me a movement and neutral… Just keep this stuff in the real world, im here just for the game and i don’t want haters from both sides pushing for there agendas in my games. Telling me that im a bigot or a LGBT supporter bast on picks… I miss the time people insulted my mom… the good old simple days.


If someone creates laws mistreating white people then a movement to dismantle those laws is a move toward neutrality. The pride flag exist because LGBT people weren’t being treated like everyone else, and the majority of people who fly that flag want nothing more than equality. Equality is the law being neutral and applied to everyone the same way.

Thus the LGBT flag and pride movement are neutral.

I’m sorry that people not wanting to be abused for being who they are upsets you. You should take a look in the mirror and try to be a better person.


How does this matter to the game other then pocking a stick in the other side?
Since i dont care about people i can care less, but when someone on my team gets flammed for using the flag ill care for the team… And it can work both ways. In the end, the neutral people get random stuff they need to deal with in the game for no reason what so ever. Just keep your social stuff in the real social world… And this isn’t just for you… dont get me wrong, id react the same way if someone push’d for only male/female relationships.

That’s why its best to be neutral. Social issues just bring issues to the game they don’t solve any.
And boy can this game use less of that and more of everyone just caring about the game and not there genders or believes.


This is a multi-player game. It is inherently a social activity. And if the other team is directly targeting one of your team mates for their demographics that makes them the ideal distraction and gives the rest of your team an advantage.

Straight pride isn’t a bad thing either. Especially with left wingers who openly advocate for rights to be taken from straight people.

In fact would it not be neutral if Blizzard allowed symbols for both sides?

Can you please explain how equality is not neutral?


Neutral means doing nothing. The moment they do something, they aren’t impartial.

Yes but do you think that people come to this game to support there social believe? No, they just come to enjoy the game with players, they dont need any side getting forced on them. Anything that can derail players from talking strats and trying to win isn’t needed. And clearly people will use everything they can to push there agenda. Seen g4y people randomly insolting everyone and calling them a normie or a bigot and i’ve seen straith people insolting everything non straith for not being straith… And boy do i wish to not see that.

No, that will be equal not neutral. And they are more then 2 sides.


Equality means that everything must me =, and since they are people who aren’t you are going agents them or at lest doing something. Neutral is doing nothing being an impartial or unbiased state or person.


That doesn’t explain how equality is not neutral. Symbols of oppression are are non-neutral. Symbols of equality are neutral.

LGBT is not a social belief. It’s the same as being from the United States, or being white. It’s a part of who people are.

Ya, and every time the skin head try to make me hate black people they talk about sub human garbage like Louis Farrakhan. Hate to break it to you, but the civil rights movement isn’t invalidated nor is black oppression justified just because the world would be a measurably better place if some patriot bravely and heroically unloaded a IWI Negev into a gathering of Black Israelites.

I’m not suggesting that Blizzard make any dedicated stances on LGBT rights. I’m just suggesting that they allow the players more options to express themselves.


Because its impossible to be = to everyone, since they are small side/grups that will be left out and annoy’d. You still think that they are 2 sides yet they are numuruse sides, just like my sided the side that doesn’t care yet has to deal with the consequence. By not doing anything then can they be trully equally neutral to everyone.

I don’t care about this, since this is a problem in the real world, it doesn’t need to be a problem in the game, yet that’s what its doing.

If this game waned more ways for people to express themselfs they’ll add custum spays and icons by now just like cs 1.2 had back in 2004.


One more thing i noticed about the rainbow flag is, why is it missing a color?
A rainbow is made out of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. 7 colors.
Is there a meaning to it having only 6 colors or is it just to mess with my OCD?
Am I the missing color?


if we also get a garbage can to throw away the icons that have no value for us :clown_face: