LGBT pride icons!


The whole thing is a stunt by Blizz for several reasons, including, but not limited to the game loosing some steam and other funny business.
I don’t care who or what is in my team as a gender or sex. Don’t gobble the b8 too deep.


Typical lefty- If someone have different option he have to be silenced/ his life ruined.
And yes they are ruined(well its not like they were good before) they almost have not backstory and the only thing that defines them is their orientation


You don’t deserve your opinion here.


This is nice and all but do we really need this in a PG 13 game?
The LGBT feels to forced already as it is.


The thing is that it’s not obvious. We don’t see them kissing eachother or holding a pride flag. It’s just a portrait of a person and a voiceline confirming that tracer knows her.

The references are subtle, which is ok. If the references are more obvious, then I have to say no myself. If Blizzard wants to add character in their game, s3xual orientation should have one of the least priorities.


if people reasoned like you women still wouldnt be able to vote and POC can’t marry white people. POC would still be treated like crap (not saying racism is something that’s gone from our society) but you just need to realise that people need to fight back otherwise no change is made.


There is a difference between intolerant opinions and intolerant actions. One shall be tolerated; the other not.

Judge people by their actions, not by their beliefs!


no i will judge people by their beliefs because their beliefs result into someone else’s actions if said person publicly expressed them. like you are doing. you are enabling homophobia


What the… I reply to this topic and it tells me my post has to be approved by a moderator first…


Well that worked so now I don’t know whats going on.


Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I didn’t know there were flags for these things.


Yes, as a g4y person, I enable homophobia as long it stays civil. Someone can take homophobic discussions with me, explaining what they dislike about g4y culture but when they get insulting or disrespectful, they crossed a line. They crossed the line, not to having an intolerant opinion, but for doing an intolerant action.

Shutting those people down for their opinion isn’t justice. It’s censorship!

If you want to shut people up to prevent injustice then shut up, too! People with the same mindset like you have lead to people losing their jobs or getting their reputation ruined.

Back to the main topic, I changed my mind. I do not like to see political movements in Overwatch so I have to say no to the pride flag and any other flag, too. Those are flags of a political movement after all.


“G4y” will trigger the approve request so I reckon to change a letter with a number or use “homosexual” instead.


It’s really simple: about 50% of the population are female - makes sense that about 50% of the heroes are female. About 8-10% of the population identify as LGBTQ+ members (although let’s face it: given that there are still huge areas where there is active discrimination, it’s logical to assume that the real number could be tad higher). So out of all the human characters (if you ever had 2 male hamsters, you’d know that they are generally pretty bi^^), 2 isn’t that far out in terms of probabilities.

As for the “shoving agenda down one’s throat”: love is normal. Pretty normal, at least. Some love people of the opposite gender, some people of the same gender, some don’t care at all. It is still part of the characters. Noone cries about how there are implications about Ana and Rein caring for each other, noone cries about the fact that Widowmaker was married to a man - it’s just part of the people, very much in the same way as part of Soldier’s being is to be attracted to men.
Torb creeps on D.Va, because he has a thing for mechs - noone whined there.
If however your fragile little masculinity can’t withstand two dudes loving each other, then I feel very sorry for you already.


Yes we saw with ellie that no one cares about gender… haha


Thanks. Figured it might be something like that.
Sad that this is where we’re at though.


The basic principle is this: people can “tell” how they identify and who they are attracted to without the snowflakes getting offended. Most people won’t be able to identify the bi flag but those that do are generally not the hateful ones. This is relevant for two reasons:
a) You realize that you are not alone. Given how little representation LGBTQ+ people still get, and how they are often still portraied as “abnormal”, it’s helpful, especially to younger people just getting a hang of things, to feel some sense of community.
b) If you are interested in the same sex, it’s certainly advantageous to show this fact to facilitate the foundation of a relationship, because most of the times it can be harmful to fully come out. This has been an issue through many eras of history - ear rings spring to mind as an identifying marker.


What about it? That’s fake because its a guy. Only reason it got relivent was because a girl actually played good at high level on hard to play heroes. If that player was on my team, the last thing id care will be his real gender or what he identifies as.


So what, if someone picks on you, just spam the pride icons to trigger the sensitive little conservative, right-wing snowflakes. Don’t fall into the “Don’t show, don’t tell” swamp. Do the opposite.


I just said I didn’t know about the flags. I don’t really care one way or the other, but in my opinion gaining acceptance in a society is not achieved by forming a group. You are more likely to seem adversarial and elicit the opposite reaction.

But what do I know. Where I come from the team you shout for is a bigger taboo than your sexuality. :smiley: