LGBT pride icons!


So use it to tilt someone so that they don’t tilt you, yeah no just sounds pointless. They don’t even have flags for every country if we are going to talk icons.


Considering LGBT players aren’t restricted to playing LGBT characters, maybe said flags should be available to all heroes.

After all, I’ve noticed a strong demographic overlap of players who consider griefing a legitimate tactic and people who react to any homosexuality as if it were a personal attack. So even though I’m straight, I would spray these flags as a Method of griefing.

Can we also get some crosses for Reinhardt? He’s a crusader. And even though I’m an atheist, I’ve noticed a lot of people I can grief with crosses.


You are the one who doesn’t deserve an opinion if you believe other people don’t.
SJW please not in EU.

Probably because you used the word “g4y” without 4 or something. I think blzrd sees this one as a bad word.

What is sad about our society is that you don’t have the power to do that if you are not g4y. It’s like saying “only black people are allowed to say the n word”. PATHETIC.

Then we would also need a straight flag as well.


Dude, people who say and do stupid things get treated like people who say and do stupid things by people who aren’t stupid in that way. Welcome to humanity.


It’s basically the cultural appropriation issue. People need to learn that there is a difference between caricature and mockery and then there is a difference between genuine mockery and discriminatory mockery.

Regarding why I told my sexuality, it wasn’t because I have the privilege to say such thing. It’s because I tried to strengthen my point. I already know that people will judge the opinion on such a topic not by its content but rather by the person who said it.

Telling that a g4y guy tolerates g4y hate was a message that our mindset of what to tolerate is fundamentally wrong. After all, if a g4y guy can tolerate homophobia, then why can’t you, too. (Not directed at you but rather at society in general)

If you are already able to understand that message without me needing to tell you that I’m G4y, then you can understand Rick and Morty.

After all, you are able to judge arguments by its content, not its author.



Exactly. That’s why we need to remove you SJWs from the entertainment industry as soon as possible :wink:

Really? And what are you doing with your far-leftists crap? I’ll tell you what, you’re enabling imersion of a new mass murderer in power, like we had Mao Tse, Pol Pot, etc.

In any “normal” system, actions like that would be considered punishable, because you’re intentionaly trying to bypass the system and display a potential “no-no” word … but this is not normal so … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Like you live in Turkey, Russia or KSA … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There’s a lot of people against your far-leftist crap … and most of them are left oriented ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m waiting for far-leftists to “crucify” you … because you’re being agressive towards “muslim minority” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I think what you’re getting at is that society only seems to punish bigotry when it comes from certain demographics. You’re right. What you don’t understand is that there is no correct bigotry, and therefore any anti-bigotry is correct. The solution is not to treat straight, white, male bigots better, but to treat all bigots with disrespect a devalue all of them as life forms.

We also have to stop acting like it’s the end of the world when someone makes a joke.


Someone got triggered. Your ignorance is still astonishing if you think there is no discrimination anymore. There are still tons of supposedly developed countries/states where homosexual people aren’t allowed to marry - with marriage generally granting benefits in terms of taxes, inheritance, renting appartements, adopting children, etc. That’s just outright discrimination.

And as for “abnormal”: just look at the things the triggered right-wingers post here. A picture of a dude being in love with a dude is “shoving down an agenda”, a picture of a dude being in love with a lady is not. How come? Love is love, but you’re just preaching hatred, cause you’re apparently too petty to let other people be happy. Good on you, bigot.


Blockquote What really makes me laugh is that most of those triggered rightys will openly profess their hatred for people like Anita Sarkeesian. And yet here they are acting like video game characters are causing real world harm.

I despise Anita Sarkeesian because she and people like her have taken feminism from a legitimate civil rights movement (one with a lot of real world work left to do I might add) to a bunch of whiny bigots acting like Blizzard are perpetuating sex crime because they didn’t make Tracer fat and ugly enough.


Lefty this lefty that


Not an SJW, buddy. Lol.


Lefty =/ sjw 8 characters


If Blizzard are seriously doing this, then make Straight Flags aswell, to apeal to us straight. Equality for everyone.


I looked it up and there is one. Its super boring, I’m very disappointed.
Come on peeps, you could’ve at least put some boobs on it or something.


yea dw, i said so in the post too that lesbian, gay, bi and trans flags should be made! pan too!


Triggered? :rofl:
Note … when you call people names they tend to become triggered, but I’m neither triggered nor mad, because I know you’re just indoctrinated …
And nope, I’m not indoctrinated, I can still use my eyes and ears ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, I guess now that Soldier76 is gay … it will all change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How do you know they’re right wing? There’s a lot of left from far-left to center, and they’re all against you …¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know, you tell me … you apparently have a problem with a picture of a dude being in love with a woman. It’s only love, why don’t you just enjoy in that picture? Why do you need special treatment? It’s all love after all, right?

Nope, I just don’t like communists … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Don’t you just like when things get political … :rofl:


The gay pride movement still has a lot of work to do. So the flag isn’t that annoying. Granted, they seriously need to acknowledge the state of LGBT rights in western civilization. They’ve won. If you can find someone discriminating against you in America, you can probably have them prosecuted. And you can almost always have them fired.

LGBT activist need to start paying attention to parts of the world where gay men are thrown off roofs. Just pretend you’re dealing with white Christians, and get to work.

Also, I thought there was already a straight symbol.


we need more gay representation


I just dont like that they stole the Rainbow :confused:


A bit dissapoiting, I must agree.