[Lifeweaver VOD] I got demoted back to Platinum... 5HWXYH

5HWXYH - Lifeweaver on Samoa

LF veteran LW player to review…

I got demoted back to Platinum…


It looks like my bronze Games. Every one of those pulls would make me mad.

As a support main, respectfully… your positioning on the first 2 maps is really weird. You walk strange paths and don’t predict where your teammates are going, making you take longer routes than needed.

Most of your pulls were unneeded and healing prioritisation is strange too. So many times i would have just healed the target you pulled. And then would have had the pull ready for the anti-naded tank in the next second.

Why would you waste an ult at the enemy spawn yet not block the spawn door with it? Twice?

You had so many possibilities to shoot the enemy mercy, could have shot so many enemies and helped rather than spam 20 hp blooms that are next to useless.

You don’t look around enough. How did that hog sneak up on you like that on the third map? He’s super loud. Bad positioning on your part. Always find a spot where you have cover from enemies.

You should have stuck closer to your team on the first two maps, you retreated from fights far too readily and early despite not having a reason to.
You waited too long to go after your team a few times too, your tanks were aggressive and yet you did a little strafe dance, seemingly second guessing yourself when you should have been moving.

When escaping enemies, if you jump right before the petal platform stops moving and then dash, you cover a lot more distance. And it’s safe because the enemy wasn’t playing a widow.

(This definitely wasn’t weaver play worth a diamond.)


I think this is because they are a diamond tank, and diamond open queue, playing a weaker role.

Definitely not a diamond support player.

Either or. Fact stands that not a diamond worthy play.

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Great review, didn’t see the vod but that’s a really nice writeup.

Now this is unrelated to this review but anyway, what happened to me once (dia 2 tank) I played quick play and it went really bad (I was Winston) so I was thinking what is going wrong, I was already getting flamed and my stats were bad.

Then I noticed, ok, the other team members are gold+plat at best! So the stuff I’m trying to pull off they cannot follow or support! So I tried playing slower and expecting less heal/dps happening than would in Dia 2 and then we won easily!

So the point is sometimes you are doing everything “right” if you were in your usual environment but in fact you have to adapt to become a team and harmonize.