Looking for a hitscan player to join our roster


I’m one of the co-captains for team Palinoia, a sub division of team Arcadian

We are currently looking to expand our roster to form a full 6 man

We are currently looking for a dps hitscan player around 22xx sr to join our team ( no higher than 25xx ) we are a team that is standing around high silver to mid gold and we are looking for players willing to learn and be competent and able to communicate and work as a team.

We are looking for someone that can play:


You don’t need to be able to play all of them but at least three would be ideal

We practice around 5:30-8pm EST / 10:30-1 GMT Thursdays and Sundays

We are also looking for a player that can play main healer as a substitute for our main healer
Moira, Mercy and Ana
However if you are competent with all healers that would be taken into consideration above others.

Tryouts won’t be for another week yet.

Please comment

With -
Your SR
Your mains
Your time availability
Your reason for wanting to join our team

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Sr 2479
Reaper Widow Mccree
Usally 15:00 pm through 11:00 am
Just because im looking to play with people

mate do you not realise that post was created a year ago