Looking for players to have fun with :)


Just looking for people of any skill level (since im not that great) to play some matches with.


add me ŠÖLDÎERmAiN#1387


Hey, my name is Velocity, and if you want you can play with me.

If you want to then add me: Velocity#21610


Hey, I’m also looking for people to play with. :slight_smile:
add me : Leorio#21863


Hey, friend, we have an OCE group for people in Austrailia in New Zealand at 7 pm AEST on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for any skill ranking. They do custom game modes, quickplay and wanting to aim towards comp and tournaments in the future. https://discord.gg/zYDcFBc


Hey, I’d like to have you for my Casual team. We always play every week and we love to have fun and laugh at deaths.
If you want come add me up in Battlenet : RavenNightTV#1899


anyone want to play add wrahw#1534 i stream and would like more people to interact with in game and players who are willing to work together haha


Hello ! I’m part of small discord server where we often play together ranked, qp or arcade in a chill, non toxic, atmosphere. We have people of every rank. If you wanna give it a try, come join us :smiley:

h ttps://discord.gg/EfgEMKd

See you soon maybe ! :slight_smile:


I’m Just a Older gamer since Atari ping pong etc like to have fun and enjoy playing with team mates add me unclebilly #11518 and let me know game on everyone