Looking for support duo

I myself main Support, would like a support duo who can play the heroes (and ideally enjoys them) that I don’t play well enough at my Sr.

So if there are any Mercy/Moira mains looking for a duo at around mid masters. My peak Sr was 4512 (rank 1 for a week) in season 22, but I dropped after getting my peak down to my friends Sr ranges about 2800-3500.

I feel like getting gm again just to prove I’m not washed lol.

My GT is Deano9789 if you want to message me on there.

Hey im here igen you rememver me

hey mate, Mercy/Moira here, wanna team up and try with OW2?
I’ll like your idea of a duo-team, i think that it can work’s fine.
Add me if you wanna try! Laeshina#2425