Losing sr as dps after game crash while playing tank

Hello guys, I recently finally hit master again on another account. After I peaked 3516 I decided to not play dps without my friends. So instead I decided to do my tank placements. I had a game crash during my placements and didnt make it back in time and my team already lost. Today I discovered that I lost 10sr on my dps rating. I checked my Overbuff profile (NDN#21955) to see if somehow somebody got into my account and played some games. However this was not the case. My last game is still from last friday when I peaked 3516. And since the decay got removed the only explanation I have is that I lost sr due to my crash as tank. My question is: is this intended and I just missed it or is it some sort of bug?

I hope you guys can help me :confused:

Yeah if the game labels u as leaver it can remove points from ur other roles. Happened to me aswell