Lucioball feedback


I wrote the post below the other day but my feelings have changed somewhat since then: I’ve been enjoying it a lot more today. The OP below was my initial reaction but now I’m used to it and have seen some more comedy moments it’s grown on me. Still might be better to have a comp and casual mode which are just the original without obstacles though I think and then have the obstacle modes as well.


I must say it’s a great shame for me. Competitive Lucioball the way it used to be without random planks in the middle of the pitch was one of my favourite games, if not the absolute fave. I was extremely unhappy with the decision to completely remove normal football and replace with putting the obstacles in the pitch last year and said so on the forums then. When I saw today that normal football had returned this year in casual (happened to queue into a match without obstacles 1st match) I was so happy to see it and thought that I would be able to play the same in competitive. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that the obstacles were still there after my 1st placement match popped in competitive. Although I may play just for the games without obstacles, I find the ones with them in boring and annoying in comparison. There’s a reason they don’t put huge obstacles in the middle of football pitches IRL. It would completely disrupt the game and make it mega irritating and be way less enjoyable. I mean it wouldn’t even be enjoyable IMO. Really poor stuff Blizzard IMO. Could you not have the normal football competitive as at least another option alongside the obstacle version if you insist on including the obstacle version? I mean I guess it’s not gonna be this year but if I’m still here and able to play next year, I’d at least be able to enjoy it then. Alas, this summer games has been such an awful anti-climax again. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed life without computer games more in actual fact, but I did enjoy the fun of Lucioball as it first was. “Did it get as many players last year as the year before?” I wonder. If not, why didn’t they put 2 and 2 together and realise people preferred the normal version without obstacles. I know I could get Rocket League but U liked Lucioball as it originally was a lot as I said.

If lots of people played it 2 years ago, I don’t get why they would make such big changes to something people were clearing enjoying and risk ruining it, which IMO they did. Why not instead put the obstacle version in as a side option and see how many people play it in comparison to the original rather than just suddenly removing it? Seems really careless and the result is terrible IMO.