Lunar & paris & 2CP in general

Yes another one of these threads…

Get rid of these absolute garbage maps or give us an option to avoid them like bgs in wow. Do you guys even run analytics on your game or are you just ignorant? The majority of player instantly leaves the game when they end up in Lunar or Paris.

The game is bad enough as it is not to mention the qp matchmaking… but spending 10 minutes in queue only to end up in Lunar or Paris is unacceptable!

Ah wait all the devs left the company due to sexual harrasement and the game is dead so who cares. #rant

I don’t mind playing Paris or Lunar at all and used not to care whether they were in the rotation or not but that changed lately because when I play them I want to play them with a normal, full team and that is something that doesn’t happen more and more. This is especially problematic in defense when the match is already in progress and you stand on first point defending with only 5 or 4 people. The long walks the unfortunate backfillers have to do from spawn to first point is making this so problematic. Just zone them in on the spot after they selected their hero.

I don’t get why Blizzard is so stubborn in this because they should be able to see how many people leave this map when they zone in. It’s sooo many people.

They’ll be gone in a few months. I wouldn’t be worrying about it.

The game is not meant to be that serious

That last comment is just inaccurate and unhelpful though.