Make a system that when ur pc crashes id doesn't ban u

plz blizzard make this if possible cuz u got banned for 2 house cuz of this
and if anyone else has and this happen to them plz up the post

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Nice idea but not gonna happen i think.

have you considered the negative impact that it has on the other 11 people in the lobby when you queue up with a computer that you know has issues and that you know will crash?

The reason it bans you is because you shouldn’t be queuing until you fix whatever is wrong with your pc. Until you make the effort to do that just play quick play or arcade.

If you’re getting banned for more than 10 minutes that means it is a recurring problem, for you to keep queuing is selfish and for you to think that you should not be punished for repeatedly ruining competitive matches is insane


i never understood why you cant rejoin after a certain laps ? to me there is no reason to this thing, if someone have one i would like to know.

They can’t see if your pc has “crashed” or you closed it. this would be abused into the abyss


Except you can’t know when it will crash. I’ve had rendering device lost because overwatch doesn’t like 2080.

Good idea then I can just pull the power when I want out of a game and not get a penalty.


Alt + F4, oh fack my PC crashed, no SR loss for me.

when game crash u get a crash report that u can send. u dont get that by alt f4

Make a pc that doesn’t crash maybe?

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I’ve had this problem myself, but try lower your settings. I lowered all of mine and disabled some fancy effects (you don’t notice any difference) and I’ve had no crashes so far even after playing for long periods of time.

Also like many of the other comments, this system wouldn’t work. People can just Alt+F4 and get off with leaving. I agree the leaving system needs to give you 2 - 3 minutes to rejoin without penalties and resetting your stats like csgo does, but not no penalty for not rejoining at all in the time limit.

Should not there be an option for you to rejoin the game? If your game crashed you would rejoin it ASAP. No?