Make Golden Guns available outside of Competitive

Let’s be real, competitive Overwatch isn’t fun. The competitive system is busted, players are trolling, Smurfs ruining games, teammates being toxic, etc. It’s honestly not worth the hassle farming points to get the golden guns for my characters I play with comp being a huge problem. 15 points per win isn’t worth much, losing just feels like you’re just wasted time. Make Gold Gun available out of competitive using credits, sell them for 30,000 credits. I’m sitting here well over 40,000 credits with nothing else to spend on. 3000 CP for just ONE Gold Gun ain’t worth it either, it feels over price imo.

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I would rather see golden guns removed completely (not going to happen I know).

They have said in the past they thought the whole thing was a mistake. But the idea was that they want people playing ranked, and that was their reward.

They don’t really care that much if you play QP or Arcade modes.

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Currently, Gold skins are the only positive thing in Competitive :smirk:

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they should definitely lower the prices of the golden guns (or increase the points)

Tbh the golden weapons are ugly. I feel like you should be able to redeem credits for something else. Like redeeming 100 credits for 1 regular lootbox. Or 500 credits for 250 coins

That’s subjective. Many people like gold skins, and they go well with many hero skins.

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The Devs regret adding them though. Their opinion means more than ours.

Sure some gold skins look good on specific skins. But a golden orisa arm on a omnic skin? Or golden bastion weapons on a regular skin? No thank you

You don’t like it, someone else does :man_shrugging:

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I agree. Nearly all the golden guns look a little tacky.