Match making, never seen, it´s HORRENDOUS

Can someone tell me why this comunity should play this game??? Game after game after game after game… It´s disgusting, gold 1 vs platinum 1, what is the point??? win one game and loose 5 in a row… a tank that does not do his job, dps does not do his job, support the healing is horrendous, sometimes in on map defending or attacking healers don´t have even 2 k heling done, ban this people instead of giving a ban to a person that actually wants to play the game. I play support and that you have crap dps. Balance the game once and for all.

That’s 500sr range. That’s well within the range. I’m not sure why it’s suddenly an issue.

It’s always been 1000sr range limit lol

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Pretty impossible to under 5v5 :frowning:


True. Too many variables, has been for years. Balance is a myth.


It´s always higher and never lower, wake up

It is a proven thing that people remember bad experiences more vividly that good ones.

Remember bad matches happen, as do good ones.