Matchmaking Competitive

Hello, why does it give me players with thousands of wins in competitive games when I’m bronze? not fair at all, why don’t you fix this? how is it possible for someone to play competitively when the enemies are diamond and my team is bronze? Out of about 10 matches I had only 1 win, how could I climb the rank like that?

The amount of wins tells you nothing about someone’s skill, just the amount of time they’ve played.

Their mmr is affected by winning and losing, just like yours. If they’ve been on a losing streak then it’s understandable that the matchmaker would toss them into a lower rank game to re-calculate an accurate placement.
Sometimes we lose the lottery that is matchmaking. I’ve had games where i feel like i should not have been put in (against diamond and 500 challengers) but it is what it is and i just do my best. Nothing else we can do about it after all.

Last season i had a losing streak of 15 games before my 7 wins were full and for some reason i climbed up one division from season 1. So i have no idea how this actually works.

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