Matchmaking newbies

Hi all, just some input for blizz. Silver/bronze placed groups being matched against diamonds and plats, of course we get steam rolled. This is not an enjoyable experience for those trying competition and also not enjoyable for the higher skilled players getting easy wins.
3 silver and 2 diamonds Vs the same. A low skilled damage hero is no good Vs a diamond tank, healer as they have not learned various game mechanics, the higher skills carry the team. This cannot be good for new players to the game.
Ofc you can get good, but some play the game part time for fun match’s with friends and are average, just wanting a crazy fun round.
Maybe bronze should Vs bronze and silver Vs silver etc
I see it’s based on some hidden skill rating, but this is obviously not working.

It would improve the experience to matchmake within your rank, that way it’ll be easy to see if you’re going to climb higher soon and if not.
I’m in gold and i recently played a match with low diamonds on both teams.
There was also a silver on both teams, a 4 and a 3 i think.
But having a silver 3 and a diamond 3 in the same match is a stretch i think.

Yep I just had a match where I had a plat5 and gold 5 on my team.
Versus the enemy team that has a Plat1 and Diamond3 dps - Still a pretty wide mismatch between the two DPS groups.

My thoughts are that although they’ve released something to make this better - theres likely still issues they need to considered done and dusted, given the basic bugs they allowed into the game upon release, suggests that they have junior/low skilled devs.

A lot of skilled people left during the circus with the higher ups and general bad behaviour.
It will likely take a few more patches before they get it working more reliably but at least they are trying.

And that definitely is a bad mismatch. I feel that there shouldn’t be diamond players in the same lobby with golds, it’s just too big of a gap between them.

Yeah, trying…
Unsure what can be so difficult, they just need to match like for like teams.
The matches still have huge gaps in the team differences.

Sometimes errors in code happen or it just takes longer to fine tune it.
Before going for the exact problem i would imagine that the code needs testing as well.
I think that by the fifth season the matchmaker will be in a much better condition than right now.
Or at least i really hope it will, feels bad to play against diamonds on my current rank with silver teammates.

Just had another match where the dps were ranked (visibly skilled) by a massive gap.

Yep, Blizzard have proven just by the first release alone how broken their development code is. They likely do very minimal testing, or just do not know how to test.

It should not take this long to fix what is such a simple thing logically.
2v2 on the dps - make sure they’re around the same rank/mmr/skill. Overwatch 1 did not have this issue. 2v2 on the supports - ditto. 1v1 on the tanks - ditto.

They will get there eventually. Everything takes time though, so i think the first realistic estimate for everything to work could be season 5.

Many bugs escape notice even with multiple tests. When even one thing differs from player to player (play time, queue preference, mmr, amount of available players, ranks) there’s a chance of an unexpected bug to pop up.
A combination that wasn’t thought about might wreck the system by going through a loophole and ending in the wrong game.

It’ll take time to get everything watertight

Oh yeah, they will eventually get there, but their learning curve to the rootcause, and the solution to it is way to slow. Many people including myself were pointing out what we were seeing in the matchmaker, and what the problem is.

It’s very simple to match like for like players against each other. Back in the OW1 days, if you was Plat (low) then the other team would have near exact SR against you. If the other team had a high diamond DPS though, then their other dps would have say low gold to make it more even across the board between the dps.

Very simple - reuse the previous code would be the ideal solution given the state of the MM.

They could quite easily (you’d imagine) to run this on a mock live environment and just cycle the MM group to see how it all works and matchmakes “Players” to ensure that theres a fair match.

They’re just really slow, most probably incompetent at testing their code that they’re pushing to production, IMO.

Slowness can also be attributed to company structure.
If every single little change needs to be approved by several higherups it will take longer than if the coders were allowed to test and adjust as they see fit before giving the final product to be approved.
It all comes down to the need to micromanage by people who don’t actually have any idea how the code is built and how it works in the first place.

The coders could be the best in the world for all we know, but as long as there’s a pile of middle management hindering them it will take a long time.

Modern development standards allow for changes to occur in an agile environment. I’m pretty sure Blizzard have moved on from the older waterfall style. Code reviews shouldn’t be exhaustive and QA can be achieved within a sprint window so long they’re governing their development process properly.

If they’re allowing untested code to go through into production then that would explain why we’re seeing these issues appear in live, and per update. Regression should capture these reoccuring issues before they’re allowed to go into production.

Hopefully one day they can provide insight on their development processes.

Should it be that hard to fix the matchmaking system?
What wold happen if Blizzard fixed the matchmaking system?
What if all games were balanced and there were no streaming smurfs?

The answer is:
OW2 would lose a lot of players, especially paying players, which would affect their revenue badly and eventually they would show a bad report and their shareprice would drop.

It’s same story with Apex Legends.

If these companies wanted balanced games, there would be balanced games.