Mercy main! New player, looking for a group and or friends!


I’m rather new to Overwatch, been playing for about a month and I love the game and the lore. I don’t really have any friends to play with, or friends in general. The days get very lonely, all I do right now is work and try to get better at Overwatch.

I like playing support and I want to main Mercy and focus on her, but I also want to learn Tracer and Ashe. They seem like fun characters, but Mercy will be my priority.

I’m looking for friends or a group of players I can join, to play QuickPlay, Competitive or anything else.

I’ve been trying to find people on Discord, but it’s all kids who focus on memes and telling the other team to go kill themselves when we win or lose. It’s definitely not for me, so I’m looking for a group of more mature players who are just playing to have fun as a team. Maybe I’ll have better luck on the forums!

While I do want to climb in Competitive and do well, I want to find a group that’s more mature, we win and lose as a team. No pointing fingers, no raging or toxic behaviour, though feedback as a new player is always good. Just say it properly.

Sadly, I have a speech disorder so I can’t really use a mic.

While I love the game, my passion is really lore and stuff like that. So, if you want to chat lore or, just play sometime. Feel free to add me on or Discord, sorry for the long post!

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Hey if you wanna play together hit me up

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I can play with you!!

I’m not very good but I have fun playing