Mistranslation of Swedish in Brigitte's Subtitles


Hello! Avid Brigitte player and native Swede here.

The subtitle translation of her line “Skägget i brevlådan”, pronounced perfectly by fellow native Matilda Smedius, is unfortunately incorrect.
The figure of speech is “Don’t get your beard caught in the letterbox”, shortened colloquially expressed as “Skägget i brevlådan” when you catch someone doing something they shouldn’t, like for instance snooping in someone else’s mail box.

However, the subtitles state that the beard has been caught in the “litterbox”. As in where cats go to do their business.

Blizzard… How could this have passed you by? Did no one think twice as to why Swedes would stick their faces in cat litter? Do you think we’re all insane?

Letter box/mail box = Brevlåda (litr. “mail box”)
Litter box = Kattlåda (litr. “cat box”)



Tror mer dem missat att det är letterbox och inte litterbox


Det är ju det jag skriver.


Ja och jag glömde hjärnan i lunchrummet… sorry!!


Jag kan inte tala det här språket


Did u google translate or are u one of us? :wink:


jag jag intä på


No, this is just fun and intentional imo.
What is frustrating and f*cking with every single Swed in Gothenburg (where lindholmen and hometown of Torbjörn and Birgitte is) is her dialect, its not even remotely close to Westcoast (gbg) dialect. Its from the exact oposit (eastside, stockholm). They dislike the gothenburg people overthere and its just such a dumb mistake to give her that dialect and have her hometown in GBG.


My girlfriend is Swedish and I can confirm that the first thing she does when getting home from working at Ikea and stepping out of her Volvo into the house is sticking her head in the cat’s litter box to relieve stress. True story.


google translate sorry i wish i was

love the language though :+1:


And this is the reply I clicked this thread for. :slight_smile:


I’m just here to say I found this hilarious


Also please don’t put brig on TV as she clearly has stage fright.

The cat videos were nice :smiley:

I bet she never played OW even for 10 minutes in her life and knows nothing about how much the community hated the old “baguette”. Fortunately for her she is no longer hated since they nerfed and nerfed brig to the ground to the point she is completely useless.

Mace to the face!


She actually plays OW, Moira if i recall correctly :slight_smile: When she was hired for the job, they only told her it was for a certain video game. When she had to say the lines, she asked if it was for OW because she plays the game and recognised the context (somewhere along those lines).