More avoid space now!

You allowed grifers/smurfs/derankers/trolls/throwers/leavers to create so many new free accounts, why is it a problems to give us more avoid space ?!

Give us more avoid space as u PROMIES at the beginning of season 4 !!!

10 spots is not enough !


I’d find a way to play the game that doesn’t make you rage. As that leads to massively over exaggerating problems, and isn’t healthy for you.

It’s just a game after all.

1st of all problems in competitive games are not over exaggerated, they are very disruptive and are prolong for far to long and they is still not solved.

Yes there are many ways to play this game … however those types of players mention up above, gravitate or should I say, are focused on playing competitive games because disrupting those games give them satisfaction for what ever the reason.

For example if you join competitive/open que and you only play dmg heroes and team needs another tank or support and they don’t want to swap, that player is sabotaging game, period.

He could easily queue in same competitive bracket/role queue but no he join open que and yet he is not willing to help/swap for team if needed.

Would could be said about players/“new accounts” that literally joins match, waits for 2 min after match starts and then leaves. Match is not getting cancelled at this moment it’s straight up loss in 4 vs 5 scenario.

I could go on and on with examples of players playing on new accounts sabotaging games, point is if Overwatch2 team is freely allowing this type of players to do what they do/give them freedom to do what they do, why is it problem to give rest of us freedom to chose NOT to play with those type of players anymore ?!

I mostly agree with your complaints, and I know you’re a decent guy

But you have no control over what the odd knobhead in games is going to do. You can’t stop them. So there is zero point getting worked up over it

If they’re doing it deliberately and often, they’ll be banned fairly quickly (if people report them).