[na]eu][au] [pc] winter clan is recruiting for overwatch [16+]


For over 20 years Winter has existed as a community for like minded gamers to relax, socialise and make the most of their gaming experiences surrounded by others of a similar frame of mind. With over 14,000 members we are always active! We are also a cross-platform community, with 20+ listed games including: Overwatch.


In regards to Overwatch we cover the majority of the games content, with chats and voice chats dedicated to the game to aid with the many events we schedule each and every week, to date we have run over 1150 events with an average of 6 events per week, if you’re looking for a team to group up with look no further!


We have a 16+ philosophy, aside from this requirement we have no others, although we would prefer that our members have access to microphone


  • ~ Over 1,000 events per month in 26 unique games & an average of 1,000 unique members.
  • ~ Always looking for friends, family and fellow gamers you meet to join us.
  • ~ Nothing is mandatory, no minimum activity requirements, members can choose what they do, when they want to.
  • ~ Ranks based on Discord activity and participation.
  • ~ Leadership who are willing to teach and train current and new members.
  • ~ Extremely active discord with dedicated chats for 20+ games.
  • ~ Growing social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


If you are interested click on the discord link below or if you have any further questions please feel free to send me a message. If there is no link to the Discord please DM me: Mikestrike03#6912

Thanks for Reading ~ Mikestrike03

Visit our Discord here - discord.gg/ QV7hWnR

Visit our website here - winterclan net