NE1 Gamer Collective Looking for teams and players


NE1 Gamer Collective is currently looking to fill spots on multiple teams.
We are looking for all roles and ranks as well as a few team captains.

We are a tournament hosting discord community looking to grow an in-house league. In-house leagues are a great way to participate in competitive games in a team setting that, unlike the open division, doesn’t involve you getting stomped in most of your games if your a lower ranked team. We want to provide a team ranking system/ environment that makes teams feel like they are participating a mini Overwatch League. Being on one of our teams also allows you the opportunity to receive coaching and game analysis from one of our coaches, both individually and as a team. Being on a team is also a great way in which to experience the game and improve your game play.

Also, if you already have a team and are looking for a way to practice more outside of ranked, joining our league could save you the time of hunting down scrims.

My discord is Redd#2028. So message me there if your interested!


Would be definatelly interested. Discord sent