Need more space!

I want more space for “Avoid As Teammate” !

Having room for only 3 is BS !!!


I think a lot of people would like more.

But it would kill the que times even more. 3 is a safe compromise.

Just as Nightwing said, it would have an massive effect on queue times.

And honestly, i think 3 is fine.
It’s not like you’re going to run into a bad teammate/thrower/cheater that’s the same person constantly.

thats exactly the problem…avoiding ball/hog onetricks pretty much everygame…you avoid 3 of those pricks and next game literally next one. Guess what another ball/hog comp

Well sure that is indeed a problem.

Though this is not a matter of users breaking rules, hence why the avoid slots don’t directly take priority over queue times as those slots affect queue times overall not just for you and the avoided users.

its still 100% throwing if you force playing a ball into mcc hog sombra orisa brig ana

If a player gets killed because of his lack of skill i wouldn’t call it throwing.

If the user 1v6’s it’s theoretically not throwing by default, this is the player lacking skill or thinking they can handle it. This is not a direct indicator of throwing.

Of course throwing exists, purely in this form too. Though it’s hard to say if they are or if they aren’t.
Now since you’re a Master, throwing is easily detectable.
I can’t say i entirely know your playerbase, though in my opinion i’d say by default this is not the case of lacking skill.

Though do note that you are following up your previous post:


That is not related.

You’ve followed up to my reply with something we haven’t even talked about before. Noticing your tone is passive i can see no harm in your comment, though do note that what you currently mentioned is indeed a violation of the rules.

Though then again in Masters increasing the avoid slots will massively increase queue times, which yet again we’re not looking at.
I’d recommend you report these users.

Hold in mind that the avoid feature can still be used to block users that don’t violate rules which of course is allowed. Though this means it can be abused or just over-used in general and well just like i said before resulting in longer queue times.

My point will still stand that it will have an extremely negative impact on the game, this can be backed up with the Developer statement since they haven’t increased the slots since then so i’m following their word.

@Nightwing, I don’t care about que time, I care about good team members, who are thinking/adapting, but almost every game in lower brackets you can find at least one thrower/troll, who play just to make bad day for others and most of them are even admitting that in chat.

@SYSTEM, you are wrong about running into bad team8s … how do you not consider going 1vs6 or even 2vs6 as throwing/feeding, that is just BS !
You don’t have to be high rank to realise who is playing to win and who is not. I’m playing games since commodore 64 so please don’t BS me with that kind of thinking, that I have to be high rank to notice that … if things stays same in Overwatch two, I’m sorry to say but it will fail in keeping player base.

@Shiro, you are right about all you mention. If Comp fails you need to change asap, not waiting next round and if players make same picks next one, it just throw/trolling/feeding, it’s simple as that.

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The only suggestion i’ve seen is link it to endorsement level.

1 slot for level 1.
5 slots for level 5. and so on,

That way, if you want to avoid more, you need to behave and earn it.