Nerf Hanzo and Widow


A good sniper is uncounterable, first you make Hanzo impossible to kill, he can kill tanks and flankers with ease… they should be his counters. A good Widow can delete anything, and a full team cannot cramp up behind 1 shield.
Sort the game out, snipers have little to no counterplay
Except Ashe, she’s kinda trash right now


Hanzo is not a sniper, then they should nerf mei as well. Because she can also snipe heroes with her icicle projectiles.


the difference is she doesn’t charge one shots every second


She’s still a sniper, so she should be on the list as well.


happy now? (20 characters)


Sure, but i mean you still mention hanzo?? He isn’t a sniper.


I’m 99% sure he is, even when you pick him and widow, it’ll say something like “too many snipers”. He can engage long fights easily, he can duel Widowmaker (which a lot of people can’t). I’d say based of his damage output and his range, I’d class him as a sniper.
Sure a projectile sniper, and most people do class him as a sniper.


hanzo has a way faster speed then meis projectile and aiming mei right click isnt easy as well mei doesnt need a nerf hell she could even have a little buff on her wall hp


the current status of widow/hanzo are way better than the rest of the dps cast you can get kills with less effort why would you play anything else when u can play widow hanzo thats basicly it


In my opinion snipers have no place in a game like this, it’s a game where you’re supposed to work together and snipers are lonewolfs, not engaging with the team…

But that’s just my opinion on snipers… i think they’re fun to play (though i got no aim) but i notice that i’m not focused on the team if i’m a sniper…


Just play a different character. Sombra can rip any sniper class to bits and she’s like Overwatch on hard mode.


but ashe is not a sniper, she only hitscan, and tobh she has lot of spread in short distance and long distance… yea she is kind of bad right now.


Well she also has invincibility, healing, CC and area denial, while having the biggest projectiles in the game, Her icicles are bigger, than pre nerf Hanzo Arrows BTW. So that is, why they are slower and do not one shot.


The current status of all tanks and healers in a comp outweighs all DPS (Widow/Hanzo included), so why are we complaining about Widow and Hanzo ? Oh yeah, they are the only ones that can do anything (A bit more), than the other picks and they do not require a specific team setup with players, actually playing together as a team.


That’s still only true for the very top of the player base that can actually play well enough to make tank and supports work. Meanwhile once you go below GM, everyone can play the easy heroes (Hanzo, Widow, etc). So yeah, that’s why snipers need a nerf. At least they should be turned into snipers instead of “fire 5 shots in 5 sec and just hope that one of them randomly is a headshot that instakills 80% of heroes”.


or just get better

Surprisingly enough not everything needs nerfing because you cannot counter said hero properly.


“Easy”, no respectable source would agree with you that either hero is “Easy”. So stop spreading your own hate for certain characters as if it was true, that they are “Easy”. Outside of this, WIdow and Hanzo has some of the worst pickrates and bottom 5 winrates all the way till they hit plat, where they barely have 50% winrate (49+). Only at diamond does it actually become a 51-52% winrate.

So 60-61% of the playerbase they are incredibly terrible, some of the worst heroes to play (cause they are, contrary to your own very subjective opinion, that lacks any factual evidence, hard to play).

for 10% of the playerbase they are a great pick at 51-52% winrate

And for the top 4% they are an exceptional choice.

Also at any rank below diamond, all supports and tanks are equal to or better in terms of winrate than Widow/Hanzo, at diamond this is still the case but now at 50%. So none of, what you say is true, while yes people are terrible at team work, a game, that is made for 6 man teamplay, cannot function properly as a solo queue game, but that is how it is. If low ranked players wanted to win and play goats, they would win all the time, but people are not all at the same mind of competetive state, many don´t even care that badly about winning and many hardly even know how valuable the strategy is/they do not know how to utilize or play many of the heroes in it. That is why other strategies are used. We still see more dominating heroes from goats, down through every rank in the game, unlike with Dive, where it was only present in the top 3-5% and most of them was actually terrible below that.

So here you go, factual evidence of, why they are in no way “easy” heroes, especially in comparison to the rest of the cast.

If you want true slow firing snipers, you don´t want Overwatch. Incredible mobility would never be fair, if snipers were slow and had no mobility, while also firing slowly. Nevermind the no movement de-acceleration.

Either you have both or none, Overwatch chose a more intensive and fast paced form of gameplay, if you do not like it, then go play other games.


Just curious as to what your respectable source is?


The only real issue I have with Widowmaker is when you’re facing a really good one basically your only option is to 1v1 her as Widow too because she can just relocate so easily when you dive on her.

And I’m gonna quote the flamboyant ChipSa on Reddit about Widow :

<< She is a hero that on certain maps and stages fundamentally changes the whole game dynamic away from a 6v6 and more into 1v1. Your job as a genji for instance isn’t to kill the widow, its just simply to harass her so your widow has better sight lines. This feels super lame to me because almost regardless of how well I play it comes down to whether or not my widow can win the 1v1 duel and if she cant then you basically just lose. This doesnt really happen with any other hero. I remember way back in the day when pharah was really strong in the meta the same problem existed and even tho I mained pharah at the time the game felt really lame because of how much depended on winning the 1v1. Overall I just think that this hero is way too mandatory on certain stages and has no real effective counters other than just picking another widow >>

To be a bit more specific the issue is not that prevalent in lower ranks but in higher ranks some Widow players will deny so much space just by threatening to pick you when you show your face, it feels really oppressing.


for what ? The winrates are tracked through various clients like overbuff. The Player rank percentages, where given out by Jeff Kaplan himself a while back.