Nerfs, let me get this straight

So let me get this straight. You are seriously going to nerf both sombra and genji to oblivion and sojourn is untouched? Do we want a sniper meta? Sojourn is in every high rank match and shes good in lowrank aswell. She will only be better now that neither genji or sombra can deal with her as much. Genjis damage will be the lowest it has been in overwatch history. Could you really not think of a way to make him less viable for unskilled players without talking him out of the picture completely?
Only reason i can see if that his pickrate is high but since when are we supposed to make the popular characters suck? He will have high pickrate nomatter balance because people like to play him and want to become good at him, if people has a problem with that they can train to become good with a genji counter. I agree with nerfing genji a bit but this is just ludicrous.

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Sombra and Genji definitely need nerfing, but not nerfing sojourn too is baffling.

That’s IF the patch rumours are true.

But apparently the meta in OWL scrims hasn’t really changed, and theyve been on the new patch, which suggest Sojourn is still a must pick.

Luckily, we are getting bigger patches with each season, so it’s only 9 weeks of this boring meta.

I just cant get how nerfing genji is a good idea when they dont nerf sojourn. Not saying he doesnt need the nerf but its just a bit to much.

Because he’s slightly overtuned right now, plus the DPS passive, it makes him far too easy to get value with.

Nerfing sojourn is a totally separate thing, that also needs to happen.

Agree but so is sojourn. In all honesty, i would have prefered if they just buffed all heroes to be at genji and sojourns level. Instead of just randomly hit characters with big nerfs right before overwatch League.
I agree with nerfing him dont get me wrong, my winrate with him as of now is 60%. But part of that is that he is the only hero i really try to get good at, before i tried my winrate was 49%.

Sombra is absolutely trash as it is. She can deal damage, and flank easily, that’s her only positive right now.
Her entire kit is a waste of time they already nerfed the absolute S out of her and if they’re planning on nerfing her again, she’s going to be the most unpicked hero yet again.

I have not much of an opinion of this more than i think its good she cant chainhack because thats just opressive. Ive never tried her much myself

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