New player: Game seems heavily unbalanced?


Don´t go around spreading false information, it is a E-sports FPS. I branches more heavily towards an aspect of hero shooter, but still.


Not really. Most games have separate queues for solo and premades. Again i have the feeling that the matchmaking in overwatch is the worst i have ever experienced.


“Most games”, a lot do yeah, but i can mention a lot of big games of my head, that do not. Even so, Overwatch basically has that, it is near impossible to get into solo teams vs huge group teams anymore.

Also it is mosly solo, duo, trio queus vs full stack that other games run


This game is so unbalanced, basically you are forced to play a hero you don’t even like/enjoy just to counter other heroes that are over the rest of the others, you can see that on rankeds or streams people play the same 6 stack of heroes eeeeevery time and I bet theres no need to say why they have been playing the same heroes over the years right?, and no its not salt, its just sad to see how the devs instead of giving the full roster a chance forces you to play heroes you don’t even want to play or you just don’t like


Most heroes in the game has had some spotlight, which is great for a start. Otherwise, most of the issues has arisen with Mercy and Brig being so massively game breaking, that they forced so much dev time around getting them fixed. If anything blame the low player community for keeping those memes characters alive, it created massive consequences for the game, that took ages to fix.


Just stop it, You’re not cute using the shrug emotes and never said losing is the end of the world, you’re the one complaining that the game only seems to match you with Mercy One-tricks.

And GM Mercy one-tricks know how to play other heroes, There are enough Mercy OTs still in GM even though in GOATS they have to flex to another support or even a tank.

Acting like people play Mercy just cause they can’t Aim is so 2016, grow up.

And Entire teams existing of only OTs that all play the same Hero is such fallacy, Yeah it has happened, but the percentage of that happening is so small (without something like the super OP mercy Phase) that if you are blaming your loses on that particular thing, you have bigger issues.


I don’t give a flying fudge what you think … You can’t censor people, no matter how hard you try, so that kids’ stuff - “stop, don’t do this, don’t to that” … tell those to your kids once you have them, not to other people… because at the end of the day, no one gives a f who you are or what you don’t feel like reading/hearing …

I’m not complaining about anything. As far as I’m concerned they can do whatever they want, since I’m not playing this game for a long while now. I’m just writing how it was and why almost everybody hated Mercy(except people who played Mercy).

They’re not called one-tricks because they play all heroes … so, that term(one-trick) implies that the person can’t play other heroes as good as their main hero.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To stay in rank you need to just play placements, which will place you at your rank no matter how bad you perform, and then you can just let it decay … it won’t decay beyond your current rank.

Actually, Mercy crusade in high ranks was somewhere around the end of 2017, begining of 2018 - might be wrong about the time, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Oh, you know what adults use all the time in arguments? Grow up :smiley:

It’s not. You had 5-6 support, and 2 were the norm, with Mercy being a must for a long time … And no one said “entire team”, you only need 2 OTPs of a same hero to lose the match.

Again talking about blaming and loses … Like a regular far-left extremist, keeps nagging about something no one said/wrote …
If you have OTPs of the same hero in your team only, you’re going to lose 99% of the time. It’s not hard to understand, even a child can understand that, not sure why you have troubles understanding such a simple statement. But, why match maker doesn’t place OTPs evenly in both teams? That’s the question.
It’s not about losses, it’s about telling us it’s a 50-50 win chance, while you know that OTPs in your team only are 99% defeats(or OTPs in their team only is 99% win), while being OTP makes climbing a lot easier. That’s what we’re talking about, I hope you finally understand, because I’m not good at drawing … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


LOL, delusional like ever.

Whatever dude/dudette, you do you.
If you want to believe that any of what you said is true then go for it.

Been looking at these forums for a while now and it’s all just filled with mis-information and weird opinions, not gonna keep going against the stream.