New player looking for games!


Hey there!!
I am new to gaming and just started playing overwatch the last few weeks. I really enjoy it but have no idea what I’m doing and would love a team who could help me learn and socialize! I have a mic but no one to talk to!
Just wanting a casual gaming community who won’t get upset by how badly I play! :smiley:


I’m happy to help out, if you want to play any time just let me know! my psn is sanj17dat, drop me a message and we can try a few games! :slight_smile:


Hey not sure if you are still looking for people to play with but my psn is Angel-Mercy14 HMU if you feel like it just msg me first with the word “forums” Ty :slight_smile: <3


I would also love to play with you and help you on your way :blush: Welcome to Overwatch :smile:
My PSN: TheGamerAngel