New ranking system is demotivating

Hi everyone!

After a long time of playing in the new ranked seasons, I finally decided to write a big post. I’ve been playing Overwatch since its release and, in my opinion, there has never been such a demotivating system in the game. Among all the games, actually.

The problem is that the new ranking system does not reward your personal contribution to the game. Absolutely. Everything is based only on victories or defeats.

For example, your team tries their best but fails. You lose the next game, and then the next, then a loss modifier appears. You can move down endlessly, the game will try to match you with weaker opponents (confirmed by the developers). Then you will win, and after that you will continue to fall down again. The same applies to winstreaks. You can have 50 kills and the POTG, but you will still lose or gain only 20 rating points. Can this be called THE RANKED GAME?

Again, it doesn’t matter how much you contributed to the battle. The system is not interested in your skill; it only cares about the result. Yes, sometimes the system can take into account your performance and give an additional 1-4%, but in general these are ridiculous numbers.

For example, look at how the rating system works in Apex Legends. At the end of the game there is a detailed calculation of the numbers, you understand how important you were to the team.

In Overwatch 2 there is no motivation to have the best performance. After every game, even a winning one, I feel devastated and irritated. Perhaps the game has already outlived its usefulness for me. But most likely this comes from the understanding that YOU don’t matter here. I hope the developers will rework this system again.

Thank you all for reading my post to the end. I hope it will be useful to someone.


You know it’s based on the long term right… Not just 1, 2 or a handful of games…

The individual skill, is doing what you can to win the match. Under different circumstances. Evolving that skill to win consistently.

Ignore small package he loves going against everybody to defend whatever blizzard does. He used to be in US forum with many accounts such as wetwipe, Roku, etc. and he does always the same, so ignore him.

You’re 100% right. The fact that they won’t take into consideration your contribution to the team is a joke. You can have 30 kills, 2 deaths, 15.000 healing output and still rank up the same as someone in your team who ended 2-18 if your team wins the match. That explains why many people in plat or diamond play like silvers actually, because only wins and losses matter, no skill, no contribution. They will never fix it unfortunately cause they don’t care. They just want to sell skins.


Well said my friend well said…

It needs some serious changes!

:pouting_cat: :+1:

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That is absolutely correct, and he doesn’t have any game knowledge either, so just pretend that you didn’t read his nonsense.


Cry more champ.

You’ve literally offered nothing. They don’t take stats into consideration for a reason, and they’ve explained this in interviews… It was artificially boosting players.

I generally ignore him also.

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Yeah, you do prefer to have zero clues about what’s going on.

Small, your comments are so bland, and actually are more conspiracy theorists than the anecdotal experiences of the community. Jog on buddy. I just made a similar post to this, I played OW1 when it came out, but couldn’t get into OW2. Small gives young teenager vibes, so I’ll assume he didn’t play the game then, but this is nothing like OW1 match-making. Bots that could circumnavigate AFK systems etc, were just not as quick on the uptake.

The fact that the bot was called ‘Iholdw’ is not only a f&^£ you to the people on their team, but it also shows just how lackluster of a gaming company blizzard has become. I really wish I didn’t enjoy this game, when I actually get to have one that’s evenly matched that is.

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Iholdw is one of the streamer mode names btw

The irony is overwhelming then.

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That is literally the point of most streamer mode names. They are memes of varying quality

Yes, hence me pointing it out. As it’s ironic. A joke.

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