No Jeff, you still can't pick Hanzo


… even with the role queue. Well actually you can, just prepare for getting blamed for the loss by your teammates. Actually you can’t pick half of the dps heroes anymore, thanks to the cool new hero you added and the infinite shields which are everywhere.

Well, it’s still better than playing tank I guess. Which one do you want to pick, Orisa or Sigma? Neither of them? Just turn off all chats but prepare for the sarcastic shot caller “endorsements” after you lose.

As a support try going for the “reworked” Brigitte or pick Zen and shoot the shields all day long. Then get spammed “I need healing!” by your teammates after they die. What’s more fun than that?

I still think the role queue was a good thing but the game right now is more unbalanced and boring than ever. And still very toxic. Why add a new hero if it makes 20 other heroes “unplayable”?

Great job, Blizzard!


when Against the double sheild map space becomes incredibly important. If you want to play long-range DPS you need to take off angles while your tanks pressure the frontline. This can be hard, but its doable


What you’re saying is that one of the heroes with the best vertical mobility is worst in finding angles to beat shields? That one of the heroes with the best burst damage is worst at breaking shields? That one of the heroes that’s working at short, medium and long range is worst at flanking and out-angling low-mobility tanks?

Sounds legit.